Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well I haven't played this in ages. In fact I opened it got past the first boss then put it away for other games. Its been about 2 years. Now I'm playing online. Well my first time online.

-Kinda hate how story mode is played during Multiplayer.
-I still hate having both screens at once.
-I'm not liking the controls at all. Well I hate any type of Wii Mote controls.
-Game seems VERY SHORT (Hope you got WiFi and friends to play this with)
-If playing for story I advise you to play alone otherwise you'll get stuff like this along with players killing you or acting like total pros. Also have to deal with Lag.
-Controls suck most of the time. Forget typing messages. Its obvious this game is meant for the DS. The Wii port is dismal with the 2 screens and for once every button on the controller does something.