Friday, April 22, 2011

Megaman Legends 2 Part 42 + 43 Uploaded

In these 2 parts we proceed into the ruins for the 4th and final key. This dungeon's theme is...Ice. Well sounds easy at first but then the crappy ice physics kick in. I didn't have problems till the last 2 rooms which you don't see in the videos. The main problem was the random reaver bots showing up, although these were weak if they touched you, you get hit with frozen status. While it sounds good on paper the main issue is grabbing the 3 moving keys. It didn't get explained very well on how to grab em. As Roll said you should press the O button when you get close. The keys ran away when you get close so I figured ok I should walk so as not to hear me. No you have to run cause if you walk you the reaverbots will touch you being annoying about it.

The boss was where bad ice physics kick in. At first it looks totally easy. But then when the platforms come up. You're supposed to jump on them to avoid being totally frozen and losing all your life. Ice physics kick in when jumping on the platforms. You can only jump on them 1 way. Any other method makes you slide off. And if you're not on the platform in time you can't jump on the platform as for some reason the gravity gets turned way up. So you lose all your health. Ok that's not a problem till the last phase. Where it increases it's speed and guns you down. Needless to say my first game over was here.