Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pokemon Black Status

Well I'm only missing 1 legendary pokemon now. I have no one to trade with to go get it. (Landorus or whatever its name is). Also missing a few trade only pokemon. I thought of hacking them in but its so tedious to do. I have yet to send my Platinum or Pearl pokemon over to my Black I just don't feel like it. But I pretty much have my pokemon box setup for all the pokemon I like. And once again Legendaries suck. I only favor the Legendary doggies for there speed and generally stable stats. I used to like the Birds till the new rules kicked in and made em ugh.

Anyway I'm just basically fooling around in DreamWorld. But getting the pokemon I want with Dream World abilities is hard work. And worse it sucks when you have barely anyone logged on your Pal Pad or Dream Pad. Needless to say I'm about done with this game. (its done for when I'm say its done)