Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pokemon Dream World Notes

Pokemon Dream World Notes

  • You can only get 1 pokemon per an Island of dreams run. Once you make a wish for a pokemon you cannot go back to the island of dreams for a 24 Hour period.  
  • Apparently there is a way to get 2 pokemon per a dream world session but is not confirmed.  
  • To take a pokemon with you from Dream World you must befriend a pokemon in the Island of Dreams (reach the quota for the mini game) and make a wish for that pokemon which cost 1 berry. You must then wake up the pokemon in dream world and go to Entralink on your DS. Then you'll proceed to catching it.  
  • The pokemon you send to Dream World will not have its ability changed to its dream world ability. Only the pokemon you befriend in Dream World will.

What you can do in Dream World

  • You can befriend others in Dream World by going to there pokemon's dream house.  But you can only send out 5 request a session.
  • You can water other players' berry garden up to 20 times a session.
  • You can send items to your Pokemon B/W game through Dream World (requires waking the pokemon up). 
  • Its pretty much a mini version of neopets with better benefits. LOL
  • You can send your friends E-Z Mail. Which is pretty much fill in the blanks of preset letters. 
  • Can also check your Ranking and ratings for random battles.

Mini Games

Find the Lost Pokemon

- The objective is obvious.  Find the lost pokemon.
- It will be a different pokemon every time.
- The location is always random.
- You get bonus points if you find the pokemon's lost item.
- You should listen for the pokemon every 2-3 screens.
- The shaking bushes, water, etc take about 2 seconds to start shaking.
- Listening for the pokemon takes about 5 seconds of your time.

Pile Ice Cream

-YOU MUST have at least 1 berry to play.
-Pile Ice Cream to the quota mark.
-The stickyness and easy to scoop varies depending on the berry used.
-You have very little time to place the ice cream
-Score is based on Height, flavors and Big scoops (Successful scoops)

Playing with Wailord

- Just bounce the pokemon into its correspond color ball.
- The longer the pokemon is on the screen the higher your multiplier
- If A pokemon falls off the screen your multiplier goes down.
- The quota is easily obtainable.
- To bounce them even higher have Wailord bounce them just before they land on his spout.

Sky Race

-The Mouse Cursor is where Pelliper will move
-Grab the water orbs in order to speed up
-Avoid the Elec Orbs
-Clouds will slow you down but not reduce max speed.
-Best to start in the middle or towards the back till you have a higher speed.
-Quite Possibly the easiest mini game to win. IMO