Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Gameplay Trailer 1

After many months of waiting. CAPCOM finnally gives us the long awaited SSF4 Arcade Edition DLC. This was obviously out in arcades earlier around late 2010. Arcade Edition features a new balance patch for all the character (like it matters). More online features that most of us probably won't use. The highlight though is 4 new characters have been added to the roster.

New Characters Evil Ryu, Oni (Shin Akuma really with a different name), Yun, and Yang. With stories included. Eat your heart out Blazblue. New online features include saving and uploading match replays for anyone to view. Along with an option to follow pro players and view there match replays and stats.

Yun and Yang was asked for quite a bit ago due to there cameo appearance in Chun-Li's intro in the original SF4 game. They're pretty much the same as they were in SF3 just SF4-ified. Really Yun is Rufus version 0.5 and Yang is well the same. They're strategy still seems to be intact just harder to pull off since there speed buff supers (You know the moves) are tied to the super guage. So its either EX or Super in a lot of cases.

Evil Ryu and Oni are generally the same as they were back in olden times of rare appearances in Alpha series and CvS2. Its obvious these guys will have the boss character status going for them (meaning they'll kick your butt and serve it to you on a silver platter as an AI then pretty much glass cannon when played with normally). The surprising move I've seen was Oni's Aerial Shun Goku Satsu. I am glad to see a return of Akuma's move from SF3 in this game. Even if apparently its not as useful.

Overall if you haven't picked up the game now would probably be the best time as the game is rather cheap now as compared to the $40+ price tag on the first release. I've seen this game now going for as low as $15. I'm considering it but probably still won't get it as I'll end up shelling out more money to play online for the 360.