Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tales Of Graces F DLC Costumes = Namco's Obvious Cash Cow

I know its late but someone brought this up saying a bunch of crap and didn't know anything about the costumes on this game.
If you didn't notice this when Tales of Vesperia (PS3 version) was released. Namco has once again pulled out there cash cow to get some last minute sales in on the apparently popular (for no reason IMO) Tales of Graces. There cash cow is.....DLC costumes.

FYI Tales of Graces doesn't have many costumes to begin with. Not even F version. You have about 3 costumes at the most and they're generally fugly. A swimsuit costume, a summer? costume, and some other one. So we now have these costumes:

-.Dot.Hack//GU Haseo Costume (Asbel)
-Idol Master Set
-Code Geass Costume Set (Asbel, Cheria, Richard, Sophie)
-Vesperia Costume Set (Asbel, Cheria, Hubert)
-Various Tales Costume Set (varies by character)
-Miku Hatsune Costume (Sophie)
-Toro Costume (Pascal)
-Samurai (Malik)
-Various Attachments (Yep just like Vesperia)

The Tales costume set comes with its own battle theme so by having that character as party leader (you're controlling said character). A remastered Tales Battle theme will play. However this does not account for boss fights. And the theme songs chosen may or may not be to your preference. (remember PS3 doesn't have custom soundtracks. They also come with title's that are generally useless as it pretty much only gives a small HP boost(No this is not like Symphonia) which you can gain easily through less than an hour of farming.

Code Geass set comes with there own special win posses. Yeah that's it.

Idol Master has its own music but a lot of it doesn't get you pumped for battle IMO. 

Dot.hack costume while it looks cool you'll be hearing the same 2 battle songs from the GU series. Which they sound praticaly the same. So its just about as annoying as it was back when playing GU too long in 1 sitting.

The Miku Hatsune costume has a special win pose. Sophie will either sing or hum the theme song of the game.  (I Want To Protect It ~White Wishes~)

Ok still not convinced that this is a cash cow. Here's the killer. Each costume set cost $5 in US money. I don't know the price in Yen. So if you're importing and you just want them all that's about an extra $15 - 25 dollars (price changes due to specials) your pouring into this game. Its not likely you'll use these costumes often and once again its a cosmetic deal. Nothing different about gameplay. You can change the music simply by turning the BGM down and just letting your music player run. You'll probably do that anyway if your going for all trophies which involves farming monsters for that one rare item. If your in it to look good then that's up to you.

Good Job Namco on your cash cow. ^_^

The US Version of this Game has the Tales Costumes available to unlock.  You unlock these through Sidequest. Sadly from what I know seems Hubert and Richard got the short end of the stick (Meaning no Flynn or Zelos costume.)