Friday, May 6, 2011

Only 2 Options well 3.

Well looking at my options.  None of them are favorable.

1. There's a Computer Repair shop in a rather hole in the wall place.  Note: Hole in the wall place.

2. Best Buy who's obviously gonna charge me an arm and a leg to repair it as well as say some crap that obviously isn't wrong with my PC.

3. Buy a whole new computer (probably a knock-off $200 - $500 one at any given store) take the stuff that's good from the old one and put it in there if I can.

They all have a common theme.  It cost money I ain't got.  So yeah.  I only have enough for bills and food.  Not for recreation.

Also to note it rather pisses me off that I find random ppl asking me "Hey when you gonna upload videos again?"   Did you not note that my PC is dead and I don't plan to upload from my Laptop!?  Yeah that totally pisses me off there.   I should be more like Kouli in uploading videos and just never respond.  Really I shouldn't upload at all and just totally disappear from the net.  Besides its kinda obvious I'm not missed by many anyway LOL.  Well anyway that's that.