Sunday, May 8, 2011

Somewhat a bad week

Well about a week without a PC made me see somethings differently.  

For one, I truly realize how little I am to the world.  LOL.  I remember someone saying that we mean little to the entire world with the exception of our friends and family sometimes.  I mean little.  I'm single pixel on a giant blob painting in comparison. Assuming the blob was everyone in the world.  The world wouldn't miss 1 single pixel.  I quickly realized after a few days that after my announcement very few people cared LOL.  What made me angry wasn't that no one cared, but the fact that a majority has a one track mind.  To quote someone's actual words.

"So when is your hiatus over?"

Hearing those words pissed me off more anything else up to this point.  I thought the "Poor you, that sucks, and the like were getting to me."  But really it was the thought of how I was seen by others.  To many others I'm just a person that uploads videos for there sake.  Which I understand perfectly, that's how the world is.  But those words in that quote up there.   Those very words were from someone I thought of as a friend.  Not a close friend but a friend none the less.  It makes me want to ask uploaders like Omegaevolution, MasterLL, Ashe10, etc.  why do they even bother uploading.

Well that's my calm rant for now.