Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ugh this Laptop.

Well either way its either upgrade this Laptop.  Or get the PC fixed.

My Laptop runs at 512MB RAM.  Which to my standards and today's standards is slow.  So its very hard to do anything on this computer that isn't business and even then......

I'm looking throughout my room for stuff to sell.  There isn't much left.  I'm starting to think maybe I should have just sold those games on ebay or something.....nah they had to go....

All I got left is Mangas I'm not exactly a fan of anymore along with strategy guides I'm not likely to use anymore.

Oh Blazblue CS patch update.
Now we have the CS2 Patch(Free) and Platinum(520 Points) up for download. Shame I don't have Xbox Live right now.

Right now I'm playing "The Bouncer" which is very short.  Its a beat-em up.  Has very good music but the controls and hitboxes need work.  Well that's about it.