Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why I'm deleting Videos

I'm deleting various videos off of youtube for many reasons.

Mainly cause I'm sick of seeing em.  At this point I'm just practically on a coin flip on closing the account.  I'm tired of dealing with this crap and I'm eliminating stress factors one by one.  Also considering closing my JTV as well.

I could go into specific details on why I deleted XXXX video, but then you guys will most likely just lump it in with stupid reasoning. So rather than tell you why I'm just deleting them.  You got complaints take them to the I don't care department. You wanna get mad over me quitting and crap like that go whine about it on a Message Board.  Those that think they know me, do not as for the most part we lack communication. Best for you to let it go and move on.  There's millions of vids out there and billions of players out there go to them for you needs.