Monday, June 20, 2011

Generating Interest

Well cause I don't really have any method to do a donation stream.  I figured what other way can I do to get money. Well not much around.  I already sold most of my cards Yugioh.  Trying to get in contact with my friend to see if its cool to sell the Pokemon cards since they're old and worth something.  Other stuff I got is mangas I don't read anymore. Other stuff is fan stuff and strat. guides.

But here's what I need the money for.

-Fix the Desktop
-Upgrade the laptop
-maybe get a few games
-maybe a PS3?

But focusing on the more important stuff which is my Desktop and laptop as well as a few other things. Reason I say I'm generating interest. Cause I don't wanna go on Ebay and list things losing money than what I started out with in the process.  I already tried Craigs list.  Got no results.  And at this point I'm thinking to myself.  I'll just throw it all away if it doesn't sell cause its cluttering up my room.  So it has to go one way or another.  Comment so I know how many are interested so I know where to go from here.