Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm slightly better

Only slightly.  There's still a lot of crap I'm going through.  I just had time to talk to some ppl and try to cope with this stress.  Now I'm more scared that I might relapse and be worse than I was.

Other than that I still need to solve some issues right away.  Online wise there's ppl I either need to block or deal with somehow since they just bother me.  I pretty much blocked comments from being posted on most of my videos tired of stupidity.  I can't exactly implements LL's old policy of blocking comments from old videos cause there's just too many.  Even he isn't going with that policy. I just blocked comments from the most annoying ones.  Other things I need to do figure out some way to raise money to get back on my feet.  I don't have much left to sell and I would hate to go international shipping. (cost A LOT TO SHIP INTERNATIONAL AND SO MUCH PAPERWORK)

That's about it.