Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Update for May - June

Well to get some things set straight.   For one I'm not doing ok.  I'm totally at my breaking point and I personally don't see anyway out.  I'm trying to find help and so far little success. I have no choice but to endure it as right now its the only way.  With that said answer a few common questions.

When will you stream again?
Probably never.  A few ppl estimated the cost to fix my PC and its money I won't have for a long while.  I rather upgrade the laptop for cheaper and work from there for awhile.

When will you finish XXXX playthrough?
Probably never or when I feel like getting around to it.  As it stands I'm dealing with a slow laptop that isn't in the slightest meant for video editing.  So it takes at worst 8 hours to convert videos to a sharable format.  All in all a full day and a half to get it all uploaded at barely decent quality.  If you've seen some of my recent uploads the quality is pretty crappy.  So unless I get this laptop upgraded in RAM at least.  I doubt I'll get any playthrough's done at all.  It also hurts to see ppl nagging me on that question as it seems that's all ppl care about.

Did you see E3?
No.  I'm not interested in E3 as its games that won't be out for ages and I doubt I'll have the money for them.  I still have too many games in my own house I need to even open.  Not to mention I'm busy dealing with too much crap right now to care about stuff like this at the moment. Besides pretty much everything is gonna be in the magazines and posted all over youtube anyway.

What exactly is wrong with you?
I'm not gonna tell you here.  As it shouldn't really concern most of you.  If I told you then you already know.  Subjects like this tend to get blown up on the internet and I rather not be a charity case. I'm going to look for some help for this.  Cause as it stands I'm at the breaking point and I might do something truly drastic.

Why did you quit Blazblue CS?
I'm sick of the crappy fighting system that requires you to be 100% precise on button presses.  And I'm tired of learning a game that has to change everything right away the moment I just got satisfied with the system.  You can argue this all you want but my point still stands.