Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pokemon Update I Know Its Super Late

Well I made a team of Ice Type Pokemon.  Hard to run but its better than my struggle with Ground Types.

Anyway.  If you're planning on doing random matchups online in Rating (Ranked).  The rules or really the updates have changed what pokemon are allowed.  What used to be a simple Pokemon can't have this move or be hacked with moves/IVs/EVs despite how legit it looks on paper.  The online mode now digs deeper than that.

If the pokemon wasn't caught in a legit area at a legit level and having legit moves it will not be allowed in Rating matches.


Articuno cannot be caught in D/P/Pt. version of the game.  So you cheated or traded with someone who cheated to catch Articuno on that file.  Then transferred it over to B/W version to use it.  The game will catch this and not allow you to play in Rating (Ranked).

Example 2:

Ok lets say you wanted to catch a starter pokemon.  Well the only legit way is to hatch an egg of that pokemon.  But instead you use AR to catch a LVL X of that starter.  Well everyone knows that you can only get a starter in 1 of 2 ways.  So you just caught said starter in an obviously bogus area at ridiculous level.  Well the game will catch that too and not allow you to play in Rating.

Its not like before where you're instantly denied before going online. Now if you go into Rating Mode you'll be searching for players but the game will tell you that there's something wrong with 1 or more of your pokemon and you won't be allowed to play.  Not much you can do about it unless you're a genius hacker or decide to breed all your pokemon all over again.  Guess this is Nintendo's way of saying we don't like hackers.  Still doesn't explain why I can't use my Chatot online!

Another update is that Pokemon Dream World has increased in what pokemon can be found in Dream World.  It has also added more berry garden rows and increased the amount of Dream Pals to 20 (come on 20?!).  Also season 2 of the Global Battle Union has started.  Generally resetting all the scores.

That's about it for updates.