Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fanboys are just as low as trollers and flammers

An enlightenment on reality.  Everyone is a fan of something.  But everyone isn't a "fanboy".  There is a difference.

Anyone can be fan.  But I tell you honest folk fans are not safe.  In a once peaceful community where fans live there normal everyday lives dealing with the occassional troller or flammer that comes along every 2 months or so.  Tension between the fans grows.  Eventually someone says something that completely disagrees with another fan. Leading into a Fanboy Moment.  One fan will say the other fan is wrong about there opinion, most often without giving a single reason as to why they are wrong.  If left unchecked this becomes a Fan War with both sides coming out the loser. 

Also called by many other things by simply having a mere difference of opinion these once innocent fans have now become fanboys.  Killing all reason, anyone that has a minor difference of personal taste, or opinion is an enemy of the state. Yes just like JRPG main characters you are always wrong and they are always right and if you don't agree with them then you must battle to the death.

The typical fanboy will attack generally 1 point and ignore the others as they possess no knowledge of the other subjects but just that one him or her has chosen.  Eventually as it drags on...unchecked the original point will be lost in darkness never to be brought up again until one or the other is humiliated.  Yes the fanboy virus is that powerful even stronger than that of Uroboros that Wesker loves so much.  Usually when that point is taken they will twist your words just like a Troll would to their advantage and only pick part of the whole statement.  Just like the News Media!! ^_^  

The other route a fanboy will take is the path of the flammer.  Constantly annoying you in order to get you to change your ways.  However this does not work in the slightest.  They know this you know this but the fanboy doesn't care.  Just as long as there message gets across somehow.

How can we prevent this fanboy from infecting our very lives?  Not much we can do about it.
1. Don't say nothing at all.  Well yeah...but then there will be that time were we just have to speak.  You can't just stay quiet all the time.
2. Block him/her Well that only goes so far.  Unless its an IP ban its likely you'll see that person again and even an IP ban doesn't gaurantee peace.
3. If there are any other ideas you can sure try but doubt they'll work for long.   

Best thing to do is to move on.  Let pride go within reason.  Settle it mano e not in that way!!!