Friday, October 7, 2011

Ultimate MvC3 Actually might be worth the $40

Well after looking at the unreleased version...the one that few players are now playing.  (You know that one that nobody has but a select few and other players are waiting for one person to just leak the game.)

It might actually be worth 40 bucks.  After viewing an hour of content of "Ultimate Norcal vs CAPCOM" (god that's a mouthful).  It might be worth it.  Some changes made to the game some I don't like some I do.  Never played the first one so.  Shame no one picked Red Arremer in the videos I saw.  Everyone of course picked:

  • Strider who died right away.  
  • Vergil made a pretty solid showing for Day 1 comboes and trying to play him like Dante.
  • Ghost Rider looks seriously annoying considering he's exactly what I thought...chain chain chain chain eat more chain
  • Nemesis Super Armor is god-like.  Even brushes off most Supers and keeps going.
  • Iron Fist didn't catch much of him and what I saw seemed boring.
  • No one picked Dr. Strange either. *sadface*
  • Hawkeye pretty much spammed....Super is rather useful though.

Ok old characters :

  • Sentinel makes a solid showing apparently lost some old stuff but gained new stuff. Apparently a speed increase and what I noticed capable of 2x or more Frying Pans to the face for more ground bouncing/OTG fun.
  • Wesker no more auto-pilot, god-like in ability, stuff anymore.  Now you must know how to play as the man who claims to be god.
  • Trish if she wasn't solid before she's solid now. 
  • Spencer the old spencer stuff works but the new spencer stuff makes ppl want more bionic arms.
  • Ammy She doesn't live as long but can still dish out the pain.  I was hoping to see more than that same boring sword though.  
  • Dormammu Well no more annoyance from Dark Holes and whatever just more tricks he can pull in the air.  (Dark Hole is still annoying BTW)
  • Phoenix despite HP drop is still scary but at least you have more to stand up to her with.
  • C.Viper is scarier.  Hopefully she'll get more showing cause she doesn't turn up much in matches
  • Felicia despite how much I hate her is actually a playable character.  So we might see more of her.
Actual Gameplay:

  • Aerial X-Factor is new and now we have some possibilties to run.
  • The lifebars are not my favorite at all.  I can't tell when X-Factor will run out and can barely tell how much life the other characters have.
  • Matches don't seem to last long anymore.  I swear they seem to be like 30 seconds to 1 minute and a half matches.
  • Assist character punishment is far more rampant now.  I swear they die like crazy from 1 mistake and there's no saving them.  
That's about everything I've seen from the game.  Gonna be a good while before I get it cause there's still far more interesting games to get LOL.  Like KoF 13, Sonic Generations.  LOL hahah.