Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Worst RPG Enemy Types Ever Made (But they have to be there)

We all have one or more.  Those enemy types that you just absolutely hate cause of the way that enemy acts.  Usually the ones you hate fighting and just absolutely find some way to avoid them at all cost.  Here's just a few of mine.

The living dead, zombies, skeletons, undead whatever name you give them.  They all act the same.  1000+ of them and generally 1 - 5 of you.  They show up generally where you absolutely expect them.  A graveyard, some dark cave, a cursed castle...really just everywhere.  And what do they have that you don't....numbers.  Generally weak on there own they always show up with a posse ready to beat your party down for stepping down on there turf.  In worst case scenarios they pair up with poison, death spells and even making you one of them.  Forcing your item use or some precious MP use that you're trying to save until you get to the boss.

Great Examples of Zombies:
FF12: In FF12 Zombies were always found in dark areas.  In fact if there was a war in that area guarantee the living dead is chillin there. This wouldn't be a problem if the game itself didn't lag due to so many on screen zombies at once.  Your thoughts of casting cure on them were great....but while you're busy casting the game is lagging and they're allowed a bunch of free hits.

FFT series: Anything undead was the absolute worst.  The game was already smart enough to take out your weakest unit.  Add to the fact that here they have a chance of reviving.  Killing them is just not easy.  They want a piece of you and will get it anyway they can.

Blue Dragon: Although rather weak enemies...(and the fact that you can find an Akira Toriyama character that looks just like them.) These guys always annoyed you.  Generally using a random move that forces you out of your normal routine of killing cause one or more decided to be a dousche and not die.  Unlike Final Fantasy you couldn't just cast a cure spell on them....you had to use your stronger stuff.

Shining Tears:  A game that specialized in mass mob killing.  Zombies were among the worst to deal with.  If you didn't bring the healing mage with you (Ryuna) despite how somewhat useless she is.  These guys were gonna come back to life often and attack you from behind.  Add the random lag you encounter when you have well over 70+ enemies on screen at once.  Expect some casualties if you don't have a lot healing items.

"You must kill me cause I have an item you need" Enemy
In a lot of games you just have to fight a boss grab the treasure its guarding or mutilate its dead corpse. Bring it back to town move on.  Others however.  Its either:
A. This Monster has a rare drop of an item that you want.  But because you want it.  You'll have to kill 100 or more of this enemy to get it.
B. There's 1000s of this enemy everywhere but you must find "The One" in order to get an item you most likely already have or will never ever use in the game ever again.
C. You're hunting this enemy to make the epic SWORD THAT SLAYS ALL and its just one of the many items you need leaving you to travel the world searching for the other enemies.
Why its so bad? Well considering how long it takes.  You could have saved the world, conquered it, train a bunch of new heroes to save the world, and save the world again.  In fact by the time you acquire this item you'll find out its an absolute waste of time and all the problems woulda been solved by killing that evil guy standing in the corner who has an even cooler sword than the one you want.

MMORPG's: Well guess what this is what MMO's are all about.  This is where most of your time goes is farming some monster for a weapon that will probably become obsolete. Its not about leveling its about getting the coolest stuff.
Tales Of...Series: Yep if you want that all Items achievement. Or just to gain power....you'll spend time doing this.
Castlevania: How many monsters do I have to kill just to acquire some item I'm not gonna use?  Well the count is unknown in fact its practically based on luck.
MegamanX: Command Mission: Well aside from the fact that the weapons you want are pretty much useless. The chances of acquiring that weapon are minimal to none.

Minions (you know those little guys)
There in every RPG.  Usually protecting the boss you want dead.  They do mainly the most annoying things.  Healing the boss, sacrificing there lives, Keeping you busy while boss heals and attacks you cheaply, just standing there looking stupid, etc..  Pretty much they're there to stall for time.  Its even worse when they talk for 5 minutes explaining that he/she/it/we must protect there master. Its also bad when boss has parts it can revive that also attack you. They just want to waste your time.  Not much else.  Its an extremely annoying when the minions are stronger than the boss itself or when they decided to gang up on 1 character.

Tales of Vesperia: Gattuso....what's known by many as the hardest boss of the game.  It would be generally easier to deal with if not for the little detail about its 2 little cubs gnawing on your back or your friends back.
FF8: Seifer the total SOB that feels he must be superior to you in every way.  Giving a speech about how he has to prove himself.  Add to the fact that he doesn't inflict any real damage against you.  He's just a time waster for the real enemy.
FF6: A lot of bosses in this game keep spawning minions for the sake of being a sacrificial lamb.  Usually exploding.....not fun.