Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Reason I Don't Celebrate The Holidays

I meant to post this long ago but whatever.  Anyway as usual when these times roll around everyone goes around saying Happy, Merry, etc.  I however don't celebrate these things.  Therefore I don't wish anyone happy holidays.  I could list multiple reasons using the encyclpedias to show you the history and all that.  But that would show parts of my reason and not the true reason. Well they are true reasons but my main reason is this.

Generally around this holiday time I find everyone over-exerting thereselves to make there holiday special.  Leading to a lot of stress and anger coming out.  Well for me when I see people I know stressed out they tend to take it out on those around them whether they meant to or not.  Add that with alcoholic beverages and over-indulgence of food and we end up with a bad combination.  Lets take the time and money put into these celebrations.  If they end up with having arguments, drunken bouts, and showing non-appreciation to others for all the work someone went through to make it all possible.

With that stated.  When I look back on these holidays I can name such things and more happening to myself and people I care for.  And I can go back with years of history on this.   Now some of you may go, "Well that's no reason to choose not to celebrate these holidays."  In reality that's more than enough reason in my book.  The point I'm making is, if every year goes around and the holidays show nothing but stress and turmoil then what really is the point of celebrating them?  You could reason its to gather together family members for a good time.  But you can do that any time so why wait till the holidays to do so?

I'm not asking you to feel sorry for me or to try and change my point of view. What I'm asking is that you the reader respect my views on the matter.  I don't mind that you celebrate these holidays and I won't hate you for it.  However don't expect me to return the gesture of Happy/Merry whatever.  A gift from me will be out of the kindness of my heart not out of the spirit of the holiday.

For more added reasons on why I choose not to celebrate these holidays the following links shed some light on the subject:

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While this date and its customs vary from country to country.  The Celebrations and drinking have a part in them as well.

See Also The Lore of Birthdays (New York, 1952), Ralph and Adelin Linton, pp. 8, 18-20

More Info on the subject later.

Friday, December 23, 2011

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