Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FFXIII Day 4 - Didnt' Square learn anything from Tomb Raider?

Glad I paid 10 bucks for this game cause its not worth anymore than that.  I spent more time walking than fighting anything.  Seriously who's idea was it to make the levels the size of texas.  I can understand 1 or 2 dungeons.  But this is ridiculous.  What did Final Fantasy Fans do to deserve this monstrosity of a game?
Seriously about 8 hours and only 3 - 4 bosses.  Lots of talking, even more walking.  and game is about 16 gigs to install fully on the really they spent all the time making the game look pretty instead of well...more fighting.  The reason for the title.  Tomb Raider is one of those games where the levels are the size of Texas. You're doing more walking than any real action.  If you want another reference.  Try Turok series, Kingdom Hearts BBS (Levels may not be as big but there's a whole lot of nothing.), Elder Scrolls, Phantasy Star Online, and the like.  This is one of my major pet peeves in video games.  Sure graphics are nice and storyline could be good.  But making levels be 1 gigantic...blah...gets on my nerves.  Well the scenery is great....but I could use a boss fight. Seriously I fell asleep traveling in this game.

The story generally went no where.  Well we don't wanna destroy the world.  Too bad I say otherwise.  Well we're gonna fight.  Well maybe we'll find some answer by going to these ruins.  Oh look here convient plot boss fights.  Oh hey since you're finnally in chapter 11 you can finnally free roam (Not really only around this place.) But you're party members are gonna complain about you backtracking on foot.  But we have to grind. Well better waste hours of your life here.  This is what will make the game 120+ hours.  There's no real speed method to get stronger.

Me: Well I'm satisfied....I better move on. Oh hey a guide so I can try these tricks to grinding money.

Guide: Well missions 1 - 30 are total crap and boring so I didn't bother to write those down.  Here's the ones that are actually worth your time...oh but you can't do these till you finish the other 30 missions.  Good luck finding out where they are cause this map is huge. (exaggeration but really the guide doesn't go over the apparently easy missions.  This is gamefaqs FYI). Oh but these missions you need to get 5 stars on. You won't get 5 Stars unless you've beaten the game.

Me: Well crap...I'll just wait till I beat the game.

Seriously the only thing I like seeing in this game right now is the chocobos and behemoths. And there's very few of them.

Notable Bosses:

Cid Raines: LMAO I was laughing the whole time cause of how Lightning got the crap beat out of her in MvC  like combos.  I couldn't stop laughing.

Bahamut: Well this is one of the times I'm just pissed at the game.  The entire party is there.  Why not ask me who I want in my party instead forcibly picking them for me.  Also WHY ARE YOU CHANGING MY PARADIGMS?!!!! They were fine the way they were.  UGH!!!

Alexander: LOL he kept upper-cutting Lightning.  Easiest summon LOL

Hectchaner: Gee...this boss just wants to rape the women.  Look at all those hands.  Reminds me of another boss from ToV.  I didn't die due to death count instead it just targetted Vanille constantly.   Utter BS.  And most of the time it was due to Vanille and Fang being in range.  Also WHERE ARE THE OTHERS???? How did the other 4 party members conviently dissapear?  They just wanted a boss fight here so you'd have all the summons before the important stuff.  Barely even wrote it that part to where its decent.