Monday, January 16, 2012

FFXIII Day 6 - Finally Gettin Somewhere

Well made this a stream evening.  The focus for today was to get to end of chapter boss.  Succeeded.

Honestly this took quite a bit of time Glad I did some grinding.  Taejin's Tower was rather long but there was something going on for once...and there's actually a bit of a puzzle there.  The game heavily lacked dungeon puzzles for an RPG. So I guess this place makes up for it.  Before that I was just ugh....I can't believe I ended up backtracking for really nothing.  A random scene between Hope and Vanille.  Needless to say I was rather prepped for this.

We made it to Oerba.....nothing here...yep expected.  Those C'eith are Annoying though.  Especially that one that keeps putting up a didn't help either.

Oh boy Aizen...I mean Barthandulus is back....He really needs a new hobby. Why won't you die!!! (Honestly the stuff he did in that scene totally reminded me of Aizen's rebellion in Bleach.)

Ok Grinding and mission time......oh wait fix up that Wall-E look alike.  MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!! Time to power up weapons and throw that CP into some new Stage 9 stuff.  OH GOD.....I spent like 350k CP just to max out 1 class per character and I'm still far from done!!! GEEZ I need a better grinding method....Well I guess its worth it for the special moves it granted.  Of the characters I Like Snow's and Sazh's special move.

Ok Mission time.  Well ironically I did a lot of missions already.  Just not the ones to get the chocobo's.  Ok...this is rather ridiculous....ALL THIS BACKTRACKING!!!! Seriously....I think they should've done the missions like Crisis Core if things were gonna get like this.  All the missions are hunting some random monster.
At first the thing you're supposed to hunt is pretty much right around the corner.  Later have to travel the world (Grand Pulse) to get the mission done.  Also you should try to get them done in order or get where that's goin.

LOL Hope and failing with the robot again.   Then it turned into a miracle. LOL

Noteable Bosses

Juggernaut: Ok not really a boss, but the boss music was playing and it was unexpected.  Darn thing hits hard......Shouldn't have ran that fight with Snow.

Taharka: Well this thing was easy.  After I figured out a few things with Synthesizing abilities.  Shame I didn't get a chance to use Alexander though.  I tried...didn't happen.

Barthandelus 2: It started out alright...then he just started trollin. Next time switching Hope for Lightning or Vanille. 

Ok now its about to get real. With him down.  Back to Cocoon to save it.....And finally a meaningful speech before a generally obvious point of no return. But first grinding and mission time.

Note: Thanks to Vivi and Math for the help a few things.