Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII Day 1

Stream: http://www.justin.tv/brad_ry/b/304360117
Lets see.....First Thoughts.....

Did they over-simplify FF12's Battle System?  Seriously.  It has that feeling of FF12 in battle.  The Auto-Battle Command is pratically holding your hand at times.  Since the A.I. will act like an improved Persona 3 (Or 4) battle system.

As for Story I'm at Chapter 4 or 5 when I wrote this blog.  Its rather Cliche in a lot of places.   With it being cliche it gets predictable.  In fact you could call it a litteral SOAP Opera.  Talk about loading so much storyline onto one disc it reminds me of the Xenosaga days right now. 90% Dialouge 5% Action 5% walking.  Better than Birth By Sleep I'll give it that much.

Only died to 2 bosses so far.  Due to cheap tactics.  And Square is a troll for putting another only defend battle in the game.   That's just wrong on so many levels.  I haven't had to do that since FF4(SNES FF2 ENG) and back then it made sense.  Right now I wanna explore but the game is linear maybe even more so than FFX.  Its literally walk forward, fight, walk forward some more talk.  Honestly its not a horrible game so far Especially since I got the 360 version for 10 bucks.  Everyone was saying its horrible due to load times so I installed it.  No problems except for the massive amount of HD space it takes up.  (5-6 GIGS WTF!!!)

Well that's All I can report right now.  Lightning Punching Snow was glorious. Then Snow gets 007 Slapper chop by Fang...icing on the cake.  The whole Serah x Snow relationship....way too cliche for my taste.  Its a literal SOAP. Oh well Time to put in Disc 2.

PS. I hope Disc 3 works cause I got this new at Gamestop.  But its not really new if the game was already opened by them and they just grab the disc out of the drawer and put it in the case.  Needless to say I looked at Disc 3 and there's a few marks on it.  Square really needs to make better cases for multi-disc games and GameStop needs to stop opening new games and calling it new. Even if its for Security Reasons that's just a stupid thing to do.

Notable Bosses
Early Bosses: Um....yeah right....I only have the attack option.  What's significant about that?.....I would Like a Behemoth though....for a pet.  Those designs are cool.

Manasvin Warmech: I got trolled at the end.  Forced to game over and retry.  I still hate the party leader dies therefore game over rule.  Especially when you got 2 capable members of healing.

Shiva Sisters:  Oh now that's just trolling.  FF4 (SNES FF2) Battle of Cecil vs his father (When Cecil becomes a Paladin FYI).  I have to defend the whole battle are you kidding me.  And I have to wait till that gauge is full.....And not die in X amount of time.   Evil....

Dreadnaught: That wasn't hard at all.....OH BS!!! ONLY A 4-Star Rating.....you guys are even more harsh than Megaman Battle Network.  Did this boss actually do what it was supposed to do?  I mean...its supposed to dispel my party members buffs....didn't happen....????

Odin: After so many years of you not attacking till you finished your countdown now that you're a transformer.....You decide to rip me a new one.  Hope is hopeless with his LOW HP.  I just cut on the Pissed off mode....I'm not losing that fight. Especially to him.