Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII Day 2

Well Started Disc 2.  Things really started to heat up now.  Everyone wants to kill the group.  They explain why we're gonna have FF13-2 well part of the reason.  The only story I've been interested in though so far is Sazh's story.  He really has some bad things goin on.  Vanille finnally stopped being 200% happy.  Watching Hope's rage was rather funny.  YES LET THE HATE FLOW THROUGH YOU!!!  CHANNEL THE DARKNESS WIELD THE KEYBLADE!!! Fang is pretty cool...but nothing significant.  Wanting to save Vanille an all.....well that's great....but....what about yourself?  Lightning finally able to accept the truth of her past.  What really hits home is the way the NPCs react to the news.  You can compare those scenes to that of our current world situations.  Its very simmaller if not identical.  Just replace L'Cie with terrorism, government, religion, etc. you got the majority of this game.  I hate seeing stuff like that cause it makes me not want to play the game.  Not from cause the reality of the world is in the same situation.  But more that if a simple game can point it out then why can't we as living, breathing, thinking human beings can't see it?

The bulbasaur look-alike thing boss wasn't as tough as ppl portrayed it to be.  I guess if you care about ratings maybe?  These random battles on the other hand are getting far more strategic than boss fights.
The giant helicopter took a minute to figure out though.  I didn't see that there were multiple parts and just mashed till I sat down and thought out what was going on.  But really a lot of these fights are starting to get rather tedious.  Its like they're actually trying to make FF series difficult by making fights lengthy with long cutscenes in-between.  What about the difficulty of FF6? Where you had to be broken in order to stand a chance.  Even FF4 had some difficulty by forcing you to be able to predict what will happen next.  I believe since FF7 the bosses have been well....rather dull.  They seem more all about looking cool instead of planning out a strategy in advance and sticking to it.  And before this counter-argument comes up.  FF12 generally had no strategy.  You can mess around with the gambit system all day but really you can complete the game with just high level weapons, and set your gambits to attack normally along with healing when needed.  (Yiazmat isn't a tough boss its just a boss with a lot of HP.  That is not tough its just tedious.) FF13....while its attempting to force some strategy.  The random battles are far tougher in my opinion.  Right now its just come somewhat prepared and you'll win.

Notable Bosses

Um....I can't think of any.  They were all generally just flashy and didn't really give too much trouble.  I actually died more in Random Battles cause of last resort attacks and me trying to get the kill beforehand.  LOL Gatling Gun without a Sentinel....Lighting is full of holes LOL.

CP grinding looks like its gonna take some effort now.  Right now I generally like maxing out as far as I can with the Crystarium then move on.  Since it has a stopping point right now.  So I set that stopping point as my benchmark unlike older FF games.  Hopefully there will be some nice CP grinding spots.  The real problem is making money and upgrading weapons properly.  Kinda hoping that I can add some abilities to my equipment.