Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII Day 3 - The Obvious Big Bad Reveals Himself

Ok after a few days away from this game....only a few bosses....and A LOT of walking.  Geez.....so much walking and battles....and messing with equipment and Crystarium.  Needless to say seeing the theme park was rather funny.  I still want a chocobo in real life. Sazh's story really hammed up though.  And the gov't screws with the party again.  That was just evil.  Seriously....Sazh pushed beyond the breaking point brought forth a summon.  There video of the bad guys winning with there summon was rather cool though....but poor Ifrit.  Poor Dahj.....Sazh didn't get to tell him what he wanted to tell him.  Nabaat is a total evil bitch.  Shoulda known when she had glasses on and that walk.  Glad I wasn't there I'd litterally trying to piss her off just to see if she would shoot me.  (Part of story thing. See they're supposed to be up for public execution and all. LOL).  Goin after them all really pissed me off cause of the LONG walk you take to get there.  Not to mention grinding CP/Gil is tedious.  Barthandulus revealing himself to be the big bad.  Just throwing out expected plot twist.  "Oh you thought you were supposed to save Cocoon...nope....all wrong....you're supposed to destroy it by turning into that monster in your dreams.  BTW I'm not dead.  I'm like the closest thing to a god on this game. So....well....later...."  Now Snow....er...Yuri has gone emo knowing that killing a gov't official will not solve the problem this time.  But killing and rebelling is all he's good at.  Glad I got to switch members though but I wanted to switch leaders....I want Sazh as leader...not Lightning.....

Notable Bosses

Bynhildyr:  She tore Sazh and Vanille a new one.  Had to rethink where I was goin with this fight.  Just plain ugh....What really dissapointed me was that Sazh didn't drive his new car out of the place to escape.

Barthandulus: HOWEVER YOU SPELL HIS NAME!!!! **** HIM!!!!  First time his faces pretty much cock blocked me with LVL 3 spells in the middle of my healing.  2nd Time....I got stuck in an endless loop of healing and making no real progress in damage.  3rd time.....Even though I finnally controlled that battle game says....nope 0 stars cause we hate you.  But LOL Was gonna Odin Finish Bart said...nope I'm done....The problem here was everyone couldn't really take a hit from the boss...then I did research....and went WTF.....Instead of going into defense during its big attack....I should just attack.....I miss old school when I knew attacks were coming and how long I got.  Woulda been so much easier if I was allowed to run Sazh as leader then I could be a bit more flexible.  Forcibly having to use Sentinel to reduce damage to party....(at least that's what I saw on other vids.)  Not my favorite thing. I hate being forced to use something....

Well that's about it...now for the last disc....This will be fun.....*he lied*.