Saturday, January 14, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII Day 5 - Calm Lands Redux Why is this here again

I'm gonna try and avoid the rant about why I hate "Calm Lands Redux"

Well this was rather boring.....I don't mind grinding...but man this is boring....What's bad is....there's still another level of untapped power I have unlock....Crystarium is at Stage 8......sigh.

Thanks to Ashe10 for the actual helpful video on where to grind.  Get about 100k CP every half hour with this.  Sad part still takes a long time to get to where I want to be in terms of stats.  And I still gotta power up the weapons.....I wonder where the chocobo quest is.  I accidently started the Cactuar quest.  First Cactuar was a pushover.  Especially getting lucky with that Instant Stagger ability.  The 2nd one...he tore the party up with his version of Guile's Flash Kick Super.  ONE, TWO, STRIKE!

Next I got do you get lost in a game of such linearity?   I wouldn't say lost more like....I thought I was supposed to go through a cave....I only backtracked to cover a few missions.  Find this place...and somehow it goes with the story.  My mind has too much to think about already to even bother addressing this.  Just run with it.  At the very least I got everyone's main classes maxed for now.  So I should be straight till I reach the next stage.  I wanna focus on my weapons now since they're rather lacking....although they'll keep lacking as long as I'm poor.  Time to do missions....once again thank you Ashe10 for making actual helpful videos.

Bomb Core Farming

Thank you xAshe10x from YT.  You save me a lot of trouble at times.