Monday, January 23, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII - Final Day YES ITS DONE!!! *SPOILERS ABOUND* *Rant Abound*

Ok a lot to talk about, so bear with me here.

Grinding Game

Well after reading about Neochu Death Spam. I decided to try it for myself.  For the growth egg.  WTF.  They said it wasn't easy but this is ridiculous.  Vanille's Ultimate Attack "Death" rather sucks for a FF game.  Usually death is generally 50/50 unless you have protection.  This game its more like 2-8 % unless the enemy is weak to it.  Not to mention some enemies spam it later I'll get into.  It does a lot of damage but we're looking for instant death not damage.

Well on to the Neochu.  For one this mission to get it you had to travel all the way to the last place of the chapter.  Then you had to backtrack to an off section of the calm lands redux.  Time is saved by Teleporting but its still quite a walk.  With that done Neochu is ugly as sin and its kids aren't pretty either.  Strategy was...spam death and pray you don't die.  Well that's easier said than done.  This took me about 70+ attempts to actually get Death to work.....I either died at the very start of the fight.  Or my allies died helping me out leaving Vanille as the only target left.  The kids pretty much just go poke poke poke poke poke poke till you're dead.   Neochu itself....tentacles then a roar.  When I finnally got Death to work I was happy till.....the kids pretty much said die. Vanille die right off the bat.

So we had to do another 40+ times to get death to work. Finnally killed them all and got my Growth issue though.....I don't really need it at this moment.   Cause the characters' main classes were maxed out for the game (Till Post Game) really all that work kinda wasted. But nice to have I suppose.  I really needed Gil not CP.  Well lets try death spam on Super Turtle (Adamantoise). Super Turtle wasn't having that.  Even with Summon + Death spam....Super Turtle just refused to die and just killed Vanille.

Chocobo Farming doesn't really work well either.  Considering the materials gathered at such a slow pace.  Some ppl I know timed this rather well to be about 5 minutes.  But honestly I find little to nothing. You know what...I'm more than ready to beat this game.  Lets end it once and for all....

Start of Chapter 12

Well this is stats all ready to beat up some monsters.  Nice scene to open up the chapter.  Well I'd use the Lionheart but Enkildeler or whatever its called has ATB Charge II.  And a nice boost in strength compared to Lionheart so yeah.  No Lionheart for me.

Quite the long walk regardless.  Rosch did make things a bit entertaining.  Seeing all the Behemoths was awesome.  Those jean wearing, sword wielding badasses.  They finnally took some of us artist ideas for once and a bit from the Chocobo's games. Seriously it is a long walk.  Rosch did say a final goodbye though and proving himself a rather cool character.

Orphans Cradle

Funny that some ppl thought they read Oprah while on the stream.  If it was Oprah that thing would be unbeatable.  I thought I would get another puzzle or something for this dungeon....wrong....just walk forward and kill whatever's in your way.  The map wasn't even hard to navigate compared to the end of Disc 2.  It was just LONG.  Seriously if I actually decided to fight all the enemies there I probably would've been up till like 8 A.M.  What was more annoying was the enemies took forever to kill since they didn't really kill you...just annoy you till you're dead or just rage quit. Honestly adding bosses at the end was somewhat a bad idea....I would rather enjoy a good puzzle in this instance.  Since the final boss is around the corner...or well in this case around the scenic route.  Finnally getting to the end I let out a huge sigh of relief. I didn't care about the boss fight or how I would get trolled.  I just didn't want to walk around and enjoy the scenery.  Its the final dungeon....there's very few final dungeons I recall that pretty much are dull and long.


Well the final boss and ending were decent enough.  I still can't see Hope having a serious face.
Hope: Yeah I'm gonna crack some skulls in!!!
Really the conversation for those fights I feel had some serious Irony goin on.  If you consider the Fal'Cie Gods (given there job description). And this dude wanted to experience death cause he/she/it was sick of doing there job.  So they make L'Cie to try and fulfill that.  Had nothing to do with bringing back "The Creator" at all. Barthandulus wanted his death.  Shameful IMO.  Also it doesn't exactly make sense but if the dude wanted his death...why give it too him...when before it was established that doing that was a bad thing.  But it somehow worked out in the end.....weird.  The final boss music wasn't really too much to note for me.  It played out but I got rather annoyed of it after a few minutes.  Ragnarok is rather ugly....seriously....for using a common FF Term....this thing doesn't live up to the name Ragnarok. Seriously Most FF's Ragnarok was a sword  FF8 Ragnarok was a ship that looked like a dragon.  Seriously...I was expecting some epic dragon or something.  Instead we got....well...what is that....a SSJ reject?  Or a reject from Persona series?

Ending Ok...Defying fate not so much.  However turning your prayers and wishes into reality...that's quite a bit more meaningful.  Don't know what'll happen to Hope though...he's kinda alone.  They didn't bother to bring his Dad back?

Noteable Bosses

ProudClad 1 & 2: Well this is a somewhat cool machine.  Although Anything with Fin Funnels, Bit Blasters is pretty much OP.

Barthandulus 3: OMG that is true rape.  He died a lot quicker than planned.

Orphan 1: This was just funny.  He got me twice with that sword move.  Poison...getting me.  Well actually first time was Vanille A.I. unable to prioritize.  2nd Time was just LMAO.  I think I got No Items Ever.  I used an Elixer and I got that sword of doom.  3rd time I dunno how I won.  He just died long before planned.

Orphan 2: This just funny.  Simply for summoning.  I lost my 5 star rating.  I wanted to finish it somewhat epically...problem was I don't think the Eidolon hit at all.  Oh well battle's done.  I'm happy this game is over!!!

*Overall Review Next Post*