Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver Day 1 -Slow Start

Well finnally got my hands on Soul Silver.  Problem I have now is little to no time to play these games now.  Trying to get my sleep schedule back in order as well as figuring out these health problems (Not going into details).

Well to get up to speed. The closest I got to playing Johto is Crystal.  And I borrowed that game from a friend.  I started with Chickorita.  I had many problems playing the game.  One was I only had time to play the game at night.  So I missed a lot of pokemon litterally all my pokemon were night time only.  Cause of school and friends I pretty much got home when it was night time on the game.  That was only the start.  When it came to the legendary dogs.  I ended up killing Raikou, Entei was doing that famous run away while sleep thing cause wobbuffet sucks, as for Suicune well I caught that with a masterball LOL.  Needless to say I had no idea what I was doing.  Step on to the elite 4.  The trainers all jumped in levels so I just said screw battling.  Cause I could barely compete to there lvls.  Meganium being low 50s in LVL with the rest being 40s.  Needless to say I didn't stand a chance as I lost at the first member of the elite 4.  I didn't get a 2nd shot at it cause I had to give the game back.  Also ended up losing my MK Trilogy game to that guy too (he traded it in and forgot it belonged to me....-_-)

So I have a little experience with the game.  Most I remember what got me through a lot of the game was Rollout. This time around I started with Totedile.  I forgot how actually balanced the starters are in this game so its hard to pick from them all. (As opposed to Other games).    I wish I had the pokewalker though.  I can buy one but won't be anytime soon. Oh well we'll see how this playthrough runs.