Monday, January 9, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver Day 3

Day 3 To Azalea Town 

After searching some random info I found this nice little tidbit about Violet City.

Remember that guy at Violet City Pokemon Center?  Well when he's asking for phrases.  Its dependant on your trainer ID.  The right phrases nets you 3 pokemon Eggs and some wallpaper for your Pokemon Boxes. I ended up with the following.

Got Mareep, Wooper, Slugma Eggs
Got Loads of Wallpaper for pokemon storage boxes

Go Here for answering the questions.  Just enter your trainer ID and there you go.  He has it listed for all versions and info for other games as well.  To note its in German so you'll need to have it translated. Google Translator sufficed for me.  (inb4weaboosbitchaboutgoogletranslator)

Needless to say I got a semi decent team to deal travel with for now. Along with that Togepi egg. What I forgot to take into account was that Totodile evolves at LVL 18 not the basic 16 like everyone else (except Bulbasuar).

Ruins of Alph

This was a short visit.  I don't have the pokeballs to bother with all the Unown. So I just caught 1 and moved on.

Union Cave

Surprisingly I didn't encounter much going through that cave. Although I did get lucky and got myself an Onix which is rather rare in that cave.

Azalea Town

First off dealing with Team Rocket....why are they back...just go're just a nuisance.  Seriously if you're an need better pokemon.  Got a Slowpoke.

The Gym design made me laugh a bit.  Seeing the spiders and the web made me remember Megaman X Sigma Stage 1.  The predictable pattern and whatnot.  Bugsy....starting strong by sending Scyther 1st.  That Quick Attack Spam and Super Potion just knocked out poor Hoothoot.  Slugma got lucky and his ability kicked in to burn Scyther.  Really lucky due to not dying.  Togepi pulled a Joey Wheeler and Metronome pulled loads of defense ups.  I've been expecting Self-Destruct or Explosion.  Guess with all the attacks now added over the years less of a chance of that happening....even Icicle Spear.

Well Laplace....(Rival) showed up again...he still sucks...and he hates the like Solo....LOL. Time to go cutting some trees and to make my way to the big city that is called Goldenrod.


Pokemon Team LVLS Ending Azalea Town

Hoothoot  LVL 17
Slugma LVL 17
Mareep LVL 16
Togepi LVL 16
Geodude LVL 16
Totodile LVL 16