Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver Day 5 - Uh.....

Well First off Before I left.  Went and did the favor for the guard.  Lending me his Spearow.....Which I evolved into a Fearow.....Fearow is just cool.  My favorite Flying type.  So much cooler than Pidgey series.

Anyway Off to the national park...I didn't know that there was a bug catching contest.  Anyway....Since the contest is for the biggest bug pokemon. I assume by level.  I was gonna go with Scyther...but then a higher level Pinsir showed up....ARGH!!!....I wanted to win....I figure I can nab a Scyther anytime.  Scyther is my favorite bug....especially since it made such a good showing on Pokemon Orange Island saga.  But yeah I want a Scyther.

Random Call from Oak....Um...Yeah I'm catching a lot...wait did I accidently hang up on you?  Oh well bet he didn't want anything.

Pokeathelon....ok...seriously...why not just make a game for kids on the Wii that involve Pokemon Contest?
Oh no its Whitney.....Medium....I'M A LARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T DO JERSEYS!!!!  My title as minigame king was taken a long time ago.......Stupid Hurdles....I could probably do that capture the flag game....with practice. Relay Run...I like.....I could do that with the right Pokemon...God look at Togepi go....
I can buy rare candies with my points....oh's some easy candy here. Well that was a good distraction time for the main purpose.

Ecruteak City

Well first off the Burned Tower.

Well well...if it isn't him again.  Really should stop with this big talk on the weak and the strong.  Doesn't help him. Tried to play some music but the OST was busted....Or really can't have laptop playing and recording at the same time......sigh....

Oh hey Euseine or however you spell your name.  Always obsessed with Suicune...why not Raikou....or Entei.  Really thinking about it Raikou never really had his own movie.  He had that 1 hour special which was basically pokemon what happened when Ash wasn't around.  But not a real least to my knowledge. changed your gym.....its so dark....I think I might faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!

Brad Ry x 5 => Brad Ry x4

His Gengar doing that business again of spammin Shadow Ball the thing that made Ghost pokemon stop sucking.  Remember back then.....Gastly series was the only ghost....and it was Ghost Ghost got blown up Psychic and vice versa.  And it was back when all Ghost had was Lick and Night Shade.  Both of which sucked.  Well off to the next city and gym badge which I believe next is Steel type?  Can't wait till I have fly.