Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - I IS TEH CHAMPION!!!!

Well this was productive. Frustrating as well.  Where to start....

Victory Road
I wish I could have caught a Rhyhorn...woulda been a great addition to the team.  Seriously weird that no one was there to fight.  Oh wait there is.....

Rival Fight 5

Well unforntunately for you my team is over-leveled for you.  Yep you're weak. But at least you're kind enough to bring 6 pokemon to this party,

Indigo Plateau

Well this is or die time.  Lets go for it. Wait I need a good 6th.  Well...guess I'll go for Ampharos. Since I lack Electric types.  Magmar would be a good alternate right now since I don't have a fire stone for Vulpix.  I didn't wanna take Nidorino either.  Wish it was Saturday so I could nab a Scyther.

Oh well here we go.

Elite 4 Will

Psychic's keep fighting eh? Well.....uh...they can't keep going with that low HP stat.

Elite 4 Koga

Wait aren't you supposed to be in Kanto....Poison master eh.  Whatever.

Elite 4 Bruno

Still the same as before.  Back in Red that is.  He didn't know about my Feraligator and him able to stand up to physical attackers so easily.

Elite 4 Karen

Are you a guy or girl?  I mean that look seriously isn't good for you.


Ok first off 3 Dragonites!!!! Seriously!!! But that wasn't the issue.  Everything Lance has outspeeds me heck even out powers me.  Outrage Spam to Haxing Accuracy from Thunder and Dragon Rush.  God getting past this was just a nightmare.  My stock of items dwindled thanks to him.  UGH....Just constant spam of huge speed and power.  Then Charizard getting lucky and having Special Attack Power than physical.  Glad its over

ITS FINNALLY OVER....Now for something fun.....The Kanto Region.