Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Its Raining Its Pouring Team Rocket is Sucking

Well Lets go to Mohogany Town.  Dang all this surfing....I hope I can find the Move Deleter so I can drop these HMs.  Well can't exactly explore all of Mt. Mortar yet.  Probably can just not in that kind of mood.  I didn't know the Legendary Dogs were availble....They keep showing up on the map far away though.....

Mohogany Town

Stupid Radio playin crap....Well I'll buy your obviously illegal junk.  Up to the lake of Rage...Oh man this place looks far more notable in the DS than anything.  I guess its a lake now.....even though it looks like a flood.

Red Gyarados

LVL 30....Well this will be fun.  That random Dragon Rage is the issue.  Glad I bared it enough to figure out some attacks.  But Luck wins it with Burn and an Ultra Ball. Oh hey Lance....the guy that scares half of the world's Pokemon players (most likely an exaggeration).  I guess I'll help you.  Well the first thing you coulda done was 1...call the cops.....2....bust down that obviously fake tree....then we could fight Team Rocket.

Rocket Executives

Oh wow...trying to mimic Giovanni....you're a disgrace to Team Rocket.....You sprite is rather ugly too.  FOLLOW THAT MURKROW!!!  Oh hey its an old hag.....Well she is one cause this is an anime based video game and we call pretty much any evil lady and old hag. ^_^.  A 2 on 2 battle ok.  Oh hey Lance....you wanna help.....up and got your Dragonite paralyzed.  Well so much for good help.  LOL your 2 pokemon are frozen.....well I'll just ride this out.  Forgot that Flail works at Low HP not high LOL.  Ok why not just break the radio wave generating machine with a hyper beam?.....knock out electrodes.....

Ok that's done.

Mahogany Gym Leader Pryce

Ice Types...not much I can do against them....I don't wanna whip out the fire starters I got from eggs lets roll with what I got.  Onix wasn't much help Seel and Dewgong being Ice/Water types.  Arbok did his job admirably. Vulpix did well...Pryce just pretty much said no to her though.  Machoke did great with Revenge spam.  Unforntunately I had to rely on my reliables to win....A full Restore.....Oh boy.....Surprised that Crocanaw evolved earlier than I thought.  I thought it was at LVL 31 not 30.

Well with that done....off to where I probably should be and that's Olivine.  Hopefully I'll have fly soon.