Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Legendary Time I guess

Well This wasn't much productive for a day.  Considering I shoulda finished the Pokemon League by now. Depression and what not gettin to me.

Ice Path

Well the Journey to Blackthorn City was dull. First through the Ice Path....Surprisingly I only caught a Swinub and a Jynx.

Didn't get any of the rarities for the area.

Blackthorn City

So this is where the Move Deleter and Move Tutor.  Geez talk about a long wait.  With that done take on the Blackthorn Gym.  Wow this place has quite a bit of levels.  I tried to change up the team to deal with the Dragon type spam. Not much I could come up with considering it was Piloswine for weakness.

Gym Battle Clair

Fireblast outta no where the rest was Dragon Pulse Spam.  So much for an ice type doin the job for me.  WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON'T GIVE ME THE BADGE!! Is Brandon gonna have to choke a *****?!  So on to the stupid shrine that doesn't have any notable pokemon what so ever.  Already got a Dragonair.  Oh wow a shot at a Dratini with Extreme Speed.....Not really interested at this point.  Darn thing is already hard to LVL since it requires a lot more EXP to level up than most other pokemon.  Well got my badge...usually at this point I forced to go get Suicune but the story changed. Back to Ecruteak City.

Ecruteak City Return Again

This time for the Kimono Girls....wonder what they want.  Oh a battle....WAIT NO BREAK?!  I'm not ready!!! Well they're done....I can get Lugia now?! What?! That's totally different from Crystal. Ok then...

Whirl Islands

Ok I can safely say I hate navigating this place.  Multiple Entrances but only 1 can get to Lugia. Took forever to find the correct Entrance.  And now on to what's important.

This took a bit of strategy.  Lugia possessing lots of things that will kill me in 1 - 3 hits.  I was unable to catch it the first attempt due the plan.

  1. Step To Stall With Hypnosis (and not die)
  2. Role Play with Stantler to copy Pressure (uses up Lugia's strongest Moves quicker)
  3. Use Flash to lower its Accuracy so not to get destroyed by high Power Attacks
  4. Start Attacking while its safe.
  5. attempt to catch it.
The Hard part was hoping RNG would be nice enough to allow me to catch it without the use of a Master Ball.  Since apparently the other bird comes at LVL 75 which I'll need it for that one.  First attempt I ran out of my good Pokeballs and Lugia killed itself with Struggle.  I only feel bad cause it had a good nature.  2nd Time I managed to catch it with a Heavy Ball.  Well that ends that.  I don't think I'll use Lugia though.  To be honest it looks better in 2D than 3D DS Animation.

2 Of The Legendary (Crown) Dogs

Well this is certainly easier to do than on Crystal....Shame Suicune isn't till post game which doesn't make sense to me.  Now the dogs on the the Poke'Radar Map.  Instead of like in Crystal where you had to wait for a phone call to figure out where it is.  That and Special Pokeballs in vast quanities helps out a lot.  Entei was rather easy to come across.  Raikou however I kept missing since he was rather smart about changing spots on the map. I didn't bother recording Raikou as it was hard to know for 100% whether I would encounter him or not.  I managed to get both of them though. Now I guess all that's left is the Pokemon League.