Friday, January 20, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Team Rocket's Last Stand?

Well after figuring out I can't navigate Dark Cave.  Rediscovered where the Pokemon League and the way to Kanto was.  Encountered Raikou but like away after 1 hit and that 1 hit wasn't even good.

Goldenrod City Again

Went to figure out WTF they were talking about with the radio.  Totally forgot about the Goldenrod City Scenario with Team Rocket.  Well lets save the day.  Its not like Saffron City where that takes me an hour or so.  Pretty much back n' forth between the radio tower and the pokemon center.   With many many phone calls about unimportant stuff.  At this rate I'll never have any money saved up.

Petrel 2

Oh brought a full 6 pokemon to this party...Finnally now I'm motivated.  Gettin a little desperate with those Self-Destructs aren't you.  Wish he carried some non-poison.  Oh well nice to know about Toxic Spikes.

Rival Battle 4

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!   You're not gonna find Lance that early or easily...and you'll still lose with these pokemon.  Here's some Toxic Spikes and some poison and some more poison....Where'd you get that Sneasel from.

Proton 2

Really....this is all you bring to the party.....Man Petrel brought 6...Got excited for nothin.

Ariana 2

Always with that Arbok.  Always....never anything else is it? Lucked out against Rollout at the last minute. LOL


You know you could bring like 6 guys.  I mean....this ain't gonna cut it.

And now I disband Team Rocket cause we all still suck...Thanks for saving us here's the Silver Wing.
Oh need more than just that key item.
Me: Get my hopes up.......sigh.

Safari Zone

Didn't mention this earlier but I did the old man's challenges....Well I guess now I own the Safari Zone. "Please continue to pay admission...." WHAT'S THE POINT OF OWNING IT THEN!!!!!!!!! And I have these pokemon!!!!