Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Traveling Across Water is Boring

Well being blocked off from goin to Blackthorn City.  Lets go the other direction towards Olivine City.  Oh hey Rival....Yeah yeah...but if you're not willing to help no badge for you.

Olivine City

Well I feel bad for that Milktank as I lack the berries to make it better.  Must find more berries.  Well climb this lighthouse. These trainers are rather low in level though....This is gonna setup a future problem.  Awww Ampharos is sick....and you don't wanna leave it......Why are you sending me?  You know I could always just find another city and get a badge there and never come back....Oh wait I can't....this isn't the anime.  (The anime noted that there are many gyms around than just the 8 Ash goes to each season.)  Well off to Cianwood.

Well had to teach something Surf and Whirlpool.  Took quite a bit of time navigating this cave.  I hate the water cave in pokemon.

Cianwood City

Probably the most uneventful area in the game.  But I need the medicine....I don't wanna surf back.....might as well get fly.....

Cianwood City Gym Battle Chuck

Ugh.....Like I said not being able to really gain any levels is gonna pose a problem.  His dudes are LVL 30.  My reliables are good contenders but the others are trailing behind.  Oh lets spam Double Team then Focus Punch.....trolled.......Haunter was a waste to train....Thought Physical couldn't hurt Ghost types....rule changes...No sure-fire 100% hit moves around either.  Where's Aerial Ace when I need it.   Now Hypnosis Focus Punch.....sorry that's not happenin.  Need a place to grind.

Battle Eusine 

You're so obsessed with Suicune why don't you marry it.  Oh wait that be bestiality... Didn't you have an Alakazam?  Just go away I have no time for you right now.  I gotta get back to Olivine for another Gym Battle.

Cianwood City....Again

Ok Lets Heal the sick Ampharos.  Cool its ok battle now!!  WAIT SAFARI ZONE IS OPEN!!!  DETOUR!!!!!

Safari Zone Johto

Well I must say....this Safari Zone is rather well dull.  Compared to the vastness of the Kanto one.  I got maybe 4 or 5 unique pokemon....the rest were well....Already caught elsewhere.  The owner said he was trying to make things better than the Kanto one....he's got a long way to go.  Oh well...caught a few here time to get back to business.

Cianwood City Gym Battle Jasmine

Well that was easy.  Vulpix pretty much dominated.  Had to remember what Steel was weak against. You don't see Steel (rarer to see than Bug or Fire types online) types often....except Excadrill cause he's awesome.   Yeah she wasn't really anything of note.....I ALREADY TOOK CARE OF THE RADIO PROBLEM!!!

In other news...just like the days of D/P (Diamond and Pearl).  Entei and Raikou are trollin with there locations.  And I have to run through Dark Cave cause the guy won't let me take the easy way to Blackthorn.