Saturday, January 14, 2012

UMvC3 - I Just Don't Get It (Wave Dashing)

To be honest I always stuck with the book as my guide.  I never really bothered with anything more than that as it was rather....Just fancy stuff. Especially in fighting games.

So putting it that way if its not in the book I either don't know about it.  Or its unneeded.  Sure you can argue that the programmers wanted there consumers to find these things.  But really what's to stop it from being banned at a tourney or be patched?  Honestly considering the day and age I'd fix these bugs that ppl abuse and call common techniques if I was creator.  Old days which is where I come from we find ways around the very things players abused or conform.  Its why I don't really believe in tier list (a subject to be discussed at later date).

Today the focus will be on Wave Dashing.  A technique where you cancel your dash into another dash which in some cases can be faster than normal approaches (Or somehow safer?).  To be honest I don't see the main point of the technique for many reasons.  I was doing rather fine without it so why incorporate it?  "You should try it. It'll help your game greatly."  So I took a day and tried it out.

Bit of history....I first heard of this when Super Smash Bros. Melee was getting old and collecting dust.  Pretty much anyone that was still playing it spammed to anyone not playing Fox, Captain Falcon, Samus, Gannondorf, or any of the other tourny popular characters.  They told all other players regardless of how you played that you have to wave dash (add the famous Fox Only, Final Destination joke as well).  Well putting it this way.  I played Bowser who could barely dash or even wave dashed for that matter but it didn't matter the perfect way around it was one of his specials and they're brought to a screeching halt. So why should I bother with the technique.  For one I would never enter a major tournament for this game (can't believe there's a tourny for a party game. Well if there's major tourneys for Anime-based games I guess this gets one too.)  Now we know that wave dashing is far older than fact probably back to the days of Genesis/SNES.  But that's just history lesson.

Okay well Now to the start of the day.  I actually did put down UMvC3 for a bit I needed a break from the game. Its very frustrating and pretty much everyone I know has the game for PS3.  So my 2nd purpose for this pretty much null and void.  The first few hours....I had to break the habit of doing Forward, Forward as a dash.  Which I personally like better than 2 attacks for dashing.  That took awhile so much so that I raged and went for a walk to clear my head before I broke the game.  Too many things going on to even remotely focus. About an hour later....I finally managed to get it down.  At least the 2 attacks, Down version.  Forward and backwards.  Honestly I didn't see a use for a backwards one unless I was playing a ranged character.

Well now that I learned it what ways can I use it?  Most I've seen it was only on Wesker for his OTG. Okay well Firebrand has an OTG....problem is its kinda slow for startup.  Ok Strider can use it for his Ouroborus LVL 3 super.  Sentinel?  Well lets try.......Well now here's another problem the one I've been having since day 1.  Cause I'm pressing down.  Well the game is very fickle about my Fireball Motions with DP motions.  More specifically speaking for those that don't quite understand Instead of Rocket Punch I get his command grab.  Although when looking at the input on the training mode screen....It shows as a Fireball motion. (236+Light).  But I also see my added input for the super (236+ 2 Attacks).  Well actually part of it.  I see (23).  Well ok lets try and slow it down a bit.  Well....that's the other problem....slowing it down results in the combo ending there.

Well needless to say I managed the Wavedash....I just can't find a use for it.  So I tried to find uses for it on each character (ended up going off on my own tangent constantly forgetting the main purpose many times). LOL.  Well trying on characters I might use....hard to find a use.  I mean I could use it for Magneto....but....he has Triangle Jumping (which I haven't mastered or even attempted yet). Some characters I wanted to use it on cause I entered it so fast....I got weird results.

  • Rocket Raccoon ended up doing tunnel rat H.  I figured not exactly useful cause his dash was already great. and he has a command dash.
  • Chris was so slow I can't see him getting any real benefits from this at all.
  • Ammy often times I ended up just doing either Crouching Medium or standing heavy instead.  Weird by true.  Other times it worked.  Maybe if I could turn it into a Crouching Medium cancel.  1 thing at a time.
  • Dormammu well he's slow...and he's Dormammu.  He's got other methods of approaching.
  • Zero...well beneficial to him......but I can't hold a button to charge while performing a combo.  
  • Hulk can't wave dash anyway...He's Hulk....nuff said.
Trying this on the A.I. this is what led me to my conclusion.  A lot of pplunblockable (funny human players fall for this too at times).  They responded pretty well to Wave Dashing though.  So much so that I was destroyed by the A.I.  Which if in the majority of players minds, the A.I. sucks.  So if the A.I. can beat me when I wave dash....then what's to stop a human player from outright stomping me into the pavement?  From what I was told about Wave Dashing its to make my approaches safer and extend some combos.  Well unless I have some examples of with and without wave dashing.  I just don't see the purpose.

For now I generally filed this away in my brain along with my ideas that no one wants to try.  Like my Jin combos or my game challenges LOL.  

Only other thing I wanted to work on was the combos I've seen the A.I. pull.  Particularly an Ammy combo that blew me up awhile back.  Especially with the use of Devout Beads.  That's what surprised me.  So I'm working on figured that out.