Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UMvC3 - No Amount Of Training Can Prepare Me

Yeah I spent Hours and Hours in Training.....generally trying to make things memory....problem....I just seem to be getting utterly worse and worse at this game.

I'm being serious.  I spent so many sessions in training and when I try to test it out. I get blown up.  Am I learning the wrong stuff? What?  I can't learn to deal with character tactics as there's no Record Function on this game.  (bad design choice).  Tried SRK's suggestion about asking other players to play them in Player to learn about dealing with characters.  Yeah...that's not gonna work and it didn't.  Pretty much got FU's as responses.  It really is depressing.  Add to the fact that pretty much everyone I know has moved on to a different game or a different system altogether.  I don't know why but when I start this game I just get seriously depressed.  Actually I've been getting depressed about a lot of things lately but lets not get into that.

Maybe I should just stop the training all together and just play.  Since it seems the more I play the worse I get.
That or I reached my limit (if I did man my expectations and goals are way too high).  I still haven't managed to find any characters I would like to use that go well together. Everyone keeps saying use this guy or that guy well those very ppl I can't use whatsoever (cough cough Vergil, Wesker, etc.).

Other than that ppl seem to be hitting my Pet Peeves of Online Ranked Play.  Let me list em.

-Starting a Ranked Match and Suddenly Not doing anything but stand there.
-Holding back when they can clearly destroy me in a matter of seconds.  Masochist are stupid.
-Rage Quitters.
-People who use there Mic during a Ranked Match. Its very annoying and distracting. (Very disrespectful as well).

I don't know if players do these things on purpose or not.  But whatever the reason it pisses me off.  Its not a player match where I don't mind if people fool around. But its a Ranked Match unless the point of a ranked match changed.  Shouldn't you be playing your absolute best?  FYI The word "Fun" is relative.  But how am I supposed to have fun if I keep getting players that do the very things I disgust in Ranked matches?  I can't even become a better player if I don't get blown up by better players.  Seriously People its Ranked Matches stop going easy on me and Rage Quitting.

Well in today's 2 Hour Session.  I generally got all of that and more.  Winning very few matches. Lots of Rage Quitters.  Guess all the good players ranked up to 5th Whatever or higher.  I probably would be a more than a 9th Ranger if I didn't receive so many rage quits.  Probably what I note is a rather good Dormammu/Taskmaster player.  I actually liked fighting him as I've never really seen that team.  Everyone forgot Dormammu exist in this game and is still good.  Strider is starting to turn up more but along with Strider is the spamming of Heavy Vajra. So tough to deal with since its fast and safe on block and I try to counter it but fail to do so.  Still to this day I haven't came across a good Wesker.  I still hate dealing with Vergil and his godly normals.  Wish something would be done about him.  Well 9th RANGER!!!! YAY!!! I still feel empty inside though.