Saturday, January 21, 2012

UMvC3 - Stop Lying To Me They Are Not Easy To Use

While Sitting In the "Lab" (Why is it called that?)  I just tried out characters to try and expand my team.  I keep coming across the lie that XXXX character is easy to use.  The reason I find it a lie is the fact that its an opinion generally based on what they've seen on videos.  Everyone tells me "oh you should use Wesker he's easy to use."  Well that's proven false cause I can't use him.  Generally I find 90% of the players that tell me this can't really use Wesker and just fall back on "X-Factor LVL 3 with Glasses Off".  That to me isn't being good with Wesker. That's just an old gimmick that can be easily countered.  I only see very few Wesker players that actually know what he/she is doing with him despite fan rage.  I picked Wesker and got my butt handed to me in such a way that says never pick Wesker again and this was by the A.I.

The worst part is when they tell me to use characters....they're telling me to use characters I'm in no way shape or form good with.  No this isn't from a lack of trying I'm just no good with them.  The point I'm trying to make here is.  "You're Not Me." As much as I like the suggestions, we're in no way the same person and most ppl these days step over the line between suggestions and backseat gaming. Players expect you to get it right away these days.  Or really they expect you to invest your life in to learning these things.  Problem with that you can't learn everything, and for myself by the time I've learned something it becomes obsolete in these games.  Usually by patches, or the sheer fact that it can be beaten.

On to the Training Mode.

Iron Fist
 For one I tried to pick up Iron Fist cause he's a rekka-type character (1-2-3....Like Flame Iori).  One problem is that its so easy to accidently DP during his Rekkas meaning I'll get the powerup when I don't need it leading to serious punishment.  Since he's in that 2nd bracket of health....he'll die in about 2-3 combos.  Its very discouraging since he does quite a bit of damage.

Strider Hiryu
This guy is nothing like MvC1 or MvC2 days which discourages me from even touching this guy. He used to have easy solo 20+ hit combos that did at least 1/3rd or half the opponents life.  Other than that...his OTG problems are just ugh.  While his slide hits OTG it doesn't allow you to continue.  So you're stuck with Formation S which is generally hard to pull out on the fly with your opponent on the ground. I'm not that fast on my fingers.

I don't think I'll ever be able to use him.  Especially any flight combos I've seen.  Getting the heck trying to memorize the ranges of each move to where its 2nd nature is just ugh....Wish Blackheart was in the game LOL.

Don't think I'll ever get anywhere with him.  Pretty much this is one of the cases where I wish I never watched any videos of him especially Combofiend.

I don't get or ever will how Justin Wong got so good with her.  Especially that weapon switch.

Rocket Raccoon
He has so little time for any OTG. Wish he could land faster.

I think I'm at my limit....there's not much else I can think of for him.

I can't wave dash with Ryu without activating his Denjin Mode or whatever.  Very weird since looking at the input on screen doesn't show that I ever hit the input.

Yeah .....not happenin. His club membership is far too high for me to afford.

.....I don't get it.....I don't want to anymore...just gonna stop here with him.

Too many moves to memorize  and what's funny only 20% of them are actually used.  He really shoulda been his DMC1 version.  I'm pretty much litterally mashing buttons to see what I get.

I already see issues with his moves.  I usually end up with the wrong arrow or I end up in a situation I didn't expect where I could take advantage of it but didn't cause it caught me off guard.

Super Skrull
Another one of those characters where I'll do an accidental mash.

My imagination for Hulk combos does not work for him...I found that out.  Other than that I don't know the charge time for Gamma Wave.  That or I somehow hit a different direction in-between the command.

I'll never get the hang of flight combos.

I can't find a way to connect to his Flamethrower.  I guess I'll drop it.

After finding only H Mighty Smash can OTG I'm kinda dissapointed.

To Be Honest I wish I never watched or read any tutorials.  I could be a far better player if I didn't see those. I'm generally a "by the book" person when it comes to games.  As long as the info is there I'm good.