Monday, February 20, 2012

Almost Another Month Down And....

Well I've been trying this blog thing for some time. To me it seems like no one is really reading these blogs.  They're just here but maybe less than 10% of the ppl that view the videos actually read the blog.  Probably less than that skim even bother to skim over it.  For the most part I've tried at least 2 methods to get ppl to read.

The first being I just post a link to the blog. And have my full thoughts out there instead of filling YT's description box full of crap nobody reads.  The 2nd one being just a small excerpt from it that with the link so viewers get the idea of what I'm talking about. Maybe generate Interest.  Doesn't seem like that worked at all.

For the most part the vibe I'm getting is that no one cares (not really surprised) and just want to view the video. I only feel that putting the thoughts on a blog would be far better. For one it avoids those that say random crap. I've seen the results of that personally. Especially since those that really wanna talk will find a way. Anyway I've been wondering whether to keep this up at all or just stop.  The only reason I'm still uploading stuff now is to keep myself occupied and for memories since I have so many games I don't exactly wanna forget them. With everything that's been goin on I might just stop. Any way That's all I can think of for now.