Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back To Old School I mean Old School!!! Its Final Fantasy 1 (Normal Mode)

Those that say they played Final Fantasy most likely haven't played FF1 or FF2.

Remember these 2 games back on the NES? Well in today's generation any Final Fantasy before FF6 doesn't really exist (really Before FF7).  Well I finnally decided to pop in Final Fantasy Origins last night.  Starting FF1 Wow that blew my mind quite a bit.

First off when I started the game "There's a Difficulty Mode"???? Wha???? Yeah that makes a major difference in the game.

To start unlike RPGs of today.  You don't get some long intro showing off the characters.  Kinda like D&D you name your character and pick a class.  From there your party generally starts in the middle of nowhere. You stand next to a town.  Well If you have no idea what your doing or get cocky you'll probably walk out into that forest ready to fight.  Well that's where I forget to mention this.  YOU START WITH NO EQUIPMENT!!! Yep you're technically going out there naked.  "Oh I got a Monk" I said. Problem...I'm only doing 2 damage...I think we better get to town.  Ok well first off talking to the guard immediately made me go to the castle and talk to the king. We're some warriors of legend? Ok I guess Oh you're daughter is missing ok I guess I can find her for you. She was captured by Garland? THE GARLAND I LOVE USING THAT DUDE IN DISSIDIA!!  He's somewhere north of here.  Ok before we go rescue her lets get some equipment.

As for starting money.  We got 400 Gil...Not enough money in the slightest. That's easily taken care.  The next problem. Aside from picking classes. The mages obviously can only learn certain magic. (Red learns a little of both, Then of course you have black and white mages.) Well here's another issue.  You can only pick 3 of those magics per magic LVL.  Wait there's 4 magics available at the shop.  So it has to be up to me. Well that's all well and good except the next issue. Instead of MP you have to use you get a usage amount per magic LVL.  Level 1 Magic only having 3 uses right now.  Well it does raise over time but to restore your MP you have to rest at an Inn....yeah sleeping bags, tents don't cut it.  So forget about using magic in random battles unless you really need to.

The next problem....unlike most RPGs where you're hit rate is generally godlike.  This game your hit rate sucks and enemies can destroy you with ease.  The thief class has the best hit rate but weak attack.  Knight is generally standard Monk is Akuma/Gouki without steroids.  Mages are well Mages. Except the Red Mage who's pretty much even stats all across the board it seems. As I played for about 2 hours no wonder this game isn't played often.  This is actually difficult. Random battles can destroy you with pure ease.  My monk died to some monster horse, zombies, wolves, etc.  And he's supposed to have high HP but right now Knight and Red Mage are beating him.  What's going on with the stat distribution? Is it like Pokemon with EVs or something?  Geez.

Well Garland wasn't exactly to the north since the north is a bridge that's broken which the king promises to fix if you help him out.  He could give me some traveling money to do all this.  Saving the world or princesses cost money.  Garland was really North-West in a broken temple of chaos.  BTW no world map.  Yep you're on your own.  Don't get lost.  Ok so the temple of chaos is rather huge.  Random encounters are in great number and I can't just use magic willy nilly.  I actually had to leave to go revive my monk who they kept attacking and come back.  Really Garland is in the very center of the building.  Wow Garland....I thought I would have to fight all these bats seeing as they're roaming around this room with you.  No Garland stands there ready to fight...well...if you were expect Dissidia epic Garland...nope not here.  He fell pretty quickly.

Well saved the princess and all we get is the broken bridge rebuilt....come on...some money would help....And so begins my journey....Well the first thing I do according to guide is cross the bridge go west and try not to die.  Meet some crazy lady talking about a Crystal Eye. Oooooooooooookaaaayyy......now to head to another town man how far is this town....too many random battles.  I made it and stopped there for the night.  Was really tired.

To be honest. I think what makes this game long is difficulty.  Cause reading the guide the game seems really short.  LVL 30 seems to be reccommended lvl to beat the game.  All events seems rather close together.  So I wonder how long will it take me to beat this game.  Maybe I shoulda played Easy Mode.  Normal mode is already tough.