Sunday, February 26, 2012


Out of the 4 Games this was the longest and most stressful for me.  OUTBREAK was just a teaser of things to come. This one pushed thing far beyond.

Every 4 out of 10 random areas in the Omega server had Data Bug enemies to deal with at random.  So this pushed my Data drain limit quite a bit.  I couldn't exactly farm the Rare Weapons and high level Armors due to the keywords not being available till pretty much endgame. Even some of the bosses were rather trollish to deal with.

Well Elk pretty much all for..."Where's Mia?!" made him unavailable for a lot of the game.  So that's 1 Wavemaster out.  Then got Mistral with Baby things goin so that's 2.....Well at least until Elk went ahead and joined us till he found Mia....BTW she's a boss. Oh great Elk hates us for killing Mia....who tried to kill us.

Next boss I read was supposed to be really trolling but he didn't really get to attack.  So I was safe. Internet wasn't and Aura being cryptic as always. No Don't Fight Cubia....I can't tell you why!

Oh this is fun a dungeon full of data bugs....10 floors....Pushing my Infection rate through the roof game overed once due to that....Well Guess what Cubia and the hax Bracelet are one and the same.  So that's why we can't kill em? HEY We're killing him we're gonna win!!! TROLL BOSS PLOT FULL REVIVE!!! DANGIT!!! Ok lets break the bracelet!!!  That seemed to work. more secret weapon....oh well...Final Boss Time.

I guess the power of friendship helps us defeat final boss?  Hey we're damaging a boss....without Data Drain yay!!! Nope....Troll Plot Shield!!! what?....POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!!! Oh HEY ORCA YOU FINNALLY SHOW UP!!! HOW WAS THAT COMA!!! Wait...who are these other ppl?  Now to kill the final boss....That was...somewhat easy.

Boss Vids


She scared me to the point I thought I was gonna die by Charm.....She pretty much trolled with status effects that there's no way to avoid.  Usually I avoid being the target by circling around the enemy while the others fight it in the front.  Doesn't work when attack hits everyone.

Cubia 3

Another Dang Cubia Fight......These are getting boring.....Same strategy, just longer fight.


Tarvos apparently has an attack that 1 hit kills a party member.  I didn't see it.  So I guess I got off lucky.

Cubia 4

Same strategy just a lot more powerful in fact this would actually seem if there was a hard mode then I would probably worry.


Really one of those movie type boss fights deal.  You know you're gonna win...but gotta go through a lot of crap first before you reach the end.  I don't know if I could have left Blackrose behind but decided not to just in case.  So I went with the party that beat the first game.  Kite, Gardenia, and Blackrose.

Ending SPOILERS!!!

Oh crap boss is pissed!! Drain Heart.... DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Whelp Balmung is dead.  Blackrose be useful and DOOOOOOOOOODDDDD......She's dead.....Oh great everyone else is dead to.  Oh crap Kite....DOOOOOOOOO........Elk?! What?......Well he's dead.....Kite its time to be epic!! Gee Sonic Unleashed Much...NOW YOU D....OH WTF!!! AURA!!!!  And the internet is saved? ??? Alright....I'll buy it.  Everyone comes back to life via a miracle.  Orca finnally is available to use yeah a LVL 50 vs me at LVL 99!!  Oh hey Helba shows how much of a hacker she is makes herself available with pretty much maxed stats.  Hey its Sora.....No not KH Sora thank god.  Its Tsukasa...the jerk...its Subaru....yeah....not interesting.

Orca's back....and wants me to join him for that dungeon.....oh hey I got the bracelet back!! Back to haxing!

Well all that's left on this game is just a few things
  • Item Collection All Items Quest (Yeah...not gonna happen)
  • Secret Dungeon Full of Data Bugs (Maybe....)
  • Complete all the Ryu books to unlock the last of everything (Might or Might not do this)
  • LVL Up everyone else to LVL 99 (Gameshark...where are you)
This game was worth the time though.  Glad I finnally sat down and went through the whole thing.  Since .HACK//SIGN made me go out and buy the series.  Would I go out and get G.U.?  Not really That game requires just as much work as this series if not even more.  Not to mention I've seen most of the game. I like the story but much work so very little time to play.