Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dot.Hack//Mutation I Come Back to this game and wrecked the internet...again

Well got back to this game after like months to years.  To be honest its hard for someone like me to stay into this game due to the constant flow of games time consumption etc.  Hard to express thoughts about this game.  I love it but its so time consuming.  Not to mention the series itself is a freakin mystery novel. Any on with the story.

Well I can't say the virus monsters are bosses so I won't really comment on them. Although watching BlackRose get eaten by a dragon is hilarious. Getting the sword for Wiseman was enough but nooooooo they have to force me to redo a dungeon to hand deliver it to him.  That kinda bothered me.

Well before we get to what's apparently the main event time to hunt for rare and good equipment.  This took hours.  Especially for the rare blademaster weapons.  Apparently the rare twin blade weapons suck.

On to the end game.

Dungeon was long and I was a bit pissed cause I game over'd to the boss after getting a rare Heavy Blade weapons.  Wow wish these NPC's would make sense.  Oh hey booby lady.  Oh great the jerk and the douschebag is here too.  Oh hey its the boss.

MAGUS: OMG this dude 1 shot me from not knowing what to do. I remember this was back when bosses in RPGs weren't so blatantly obvious in there weakness.  You know when you had to read the manual or the guide to figure out what the best method is.  The type that forces you to actually work for your victory and not just outright grind or hit until dead.  Anyway this boss while I thought I figured it out I was wrong.  The petals it drops are little ticking time bombs. If you don't kill them you'll get hit with its special "DEATH AND REBIRTH" attack.  Pretty much that move there spells game over since the damage is apparently 200 per petal on the field.  I thought they would just explode near me. Well partially wrong and I paid for it.  Needless to say I killed it the 2nd go round.

Well that's the end of this game.  Oh no....YouTube updated again!!! EVERYTHING IS RUINED!!!! Well that ends the game onto the secret dungeon.

Well this dungeon wasn't bad.  I was lvl 59 with the party not trailing too far behind.  Decent equipment too.  The boss...well not too hard but not too easy.  The dude killed Sanjuro rather quick and Wiseman was just chillin in the back.  Only missing 1 rare weapon I probably won't use anytime soon. Time to move to the 3rd game.

Wow talk about crap hitting the fan.  Mistral saying she has to quit cause she's having a baby.  Good for her...but I'm down a wavemaster.  Wait WTF.....I can't contact anyone and CCorp..well Lios is blaming Helba and me for crap.....O....k.....Well better investigate this place.  OH great its Balmung.....saved his butt. MASSIVE E-MAIL DUMP!!! Hey guys there's only 1 of me.....Oh and Balmung has joined....*somewhat happy but Orca is still comatose*

Time to grind and get ready to try and breeze through this.

I watched the 3rd DVD....WTF....I think I shoulda been payin attention to the game more....I feel like I figured out the story but can't seem to get it.  Ugh....I feel dumbfounded.