Monday, February 20, 2012

Dot.HACK//OUTBREAK Part 3 Its Gettin Real?!

Well starting the third game.  Things seem to become serious business.  The World now becoming screwed up with freaky patterns.  Making things seem like all hope is lost. Where to start first.

  • Everything being blamed on Kite and the others.
  • Balmung is still a Jerk
  • Orca still in that Coma.  (Enjoy it man -_-)
  • Mia's experiencing the side effects of drugs....or somethin
  • Elk is.....Elk....
  • Mistral is going to have a Baby...(congrats) You're excused.

Ok with that out the way. I'm down 2 Wavemasters (Healers/UBER mages).  Only got Wiseman now.  If you played this game at all you know that anybody that isn't a Wavemaster sucks in the magic casting job unless its Kite.  Well lets see what the new server level limit is.  70 so that's always my first priority. Getting everyone to that level.  That didn't take too long after awhile. Finding the keywords for some serious LVL 70 areas. Even a level 70 area on the older server for an event.  Even cooler there Thunder Weakness sped things up.

Meet Terajima Ryoko

Seems to be the only other Axe user on this game.  Well thank god its not Piros.....SHE'S LEVEL 1!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Ugh........Come with me your gonna level.  And Die a lot.  She sounds a lot like Noel Vermillion. Or Snow White. Take your pick.

Get Balmung the Jerk (ok he's mellowed out a little)

Well this was a problem cause it seems the random online issues hit EVERYONE at the same time.  No one was online so Kite had to go it alone.  I don't really like goin it alone in this game.  Oh hey Balmung DODGE!!! What do you mean you can't...there's no way that thing is faster.....Fine I'll help you.  Now you want to join my party....fine...

Mistral, Mia, and Elk Won't Be Appearing In This Game

Yep they're too busy to help Kite with real problems.  Well Mistral is gonna have a baby.  Congrats you are pardoned.  Mia.....are you on you need to talk about it,

Mia: DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!

Ok then...when you're ready to talk I'll be here.  Elk of course being clingy goes off to hunt for Mia.  Well I'm down 2 Wavemasters.....Guess that leaves Wiseman.

Lios still hates you, Blackrose character development?! And she does something useful?!

Yep.  Lios is still a corporate dousche.  Does he do anything to help us? Not really.  Hell only after he saw some things did he finally decide to help.  Oh I didn't know you had a brother that was in a coma Blackrose.  Wait are you being useful.....OMG.....*boom*

.Hack//SIGN Cameos & Ghost

The most annoying quest in game.  Well Sora's was worth it.  You got decent blades....which I gave to Moonstone.  Oh Hi Bear......thanks for your somewhat useless Sword...I'll give it to Rachel.  The worst part was finding all there ghost.  The items were somewhat worth it.  But these ghost had me bouncing between servers to find em all.  Please don't force me to do something like that again. That took way longer than I thought it did.

Important Bosses (Cause there's a lot of them and they don't deserve to be bosses)

Easy but time consuming boss.  All this guy does is run away and try to for tell the future.  Ever time he did it was just a random quake type spell. Didn't enjoy chasing him around everywhere.
Cubia 2
It's back again.....same as the 2nd game.....Just slightly longer.  What purpose does this boss serve anyway.  And I thought this dude was awesome when it appeared in the first 1st game.
Wish the A.I. was a little more self reliant.  Switching from sudden healing to attacking wasn't fun.  I can't understand WTF they're saying.  Just kill em.  Well that ends this game.  
Black Death
That name was used for some kind of disease wasn't it?  Anyway for the proper data drain apparently I had to use Magic.....(Magic Tolerance).......Ok....well being close to death while trying this method was not fun. Only Wavemaster available was Wiseman so no keep party outta harms way.  Its dead though.  But this wasn't as interesting as the 2nd Game extra boss.  
Well apparently Kite had an Epiphany...or something....the camera zoomed in on him in the ending.  I guess ****'s about to get real?  In Liminality like stated in the game if something isn't done CCorp will just shut down all the servers....which will kill all the coma victims and won't solve the problem of the virus running amok in Japan. Since it did cause loads of power outages, etc, etc.  Well time to go to work then.