Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Monsters That Can Only Be Seen Through Special Methods (Invizimals PSP) Isn't this an Anime

Well got to play this for like an hour.  Gotta say Sony this is an idea that may be performed better.  I only played Invizimals for about an hour.  

Well starting up the game I see this random japanese guy (he actually tells you he's from Japan) that teaches you some of the gameplay mechanics.  Honestly wish I could skip the tutorial or read a text version considering I read the manual.  First to catch a monster you gotta look around your room (using your PSP camera) generally for a certain color.  They told me Red first. Well this would be easy but....I have to have a flat surface of that color (that isn't a wall or cieling).  Then when the sensor beeps like crazy use this weird square shapped thing they call a trap to capture your monster.  Its obvious you need this piece of cardboard to play the game so gotta make an effort not to lose that or you can't really play the game.  Once that part is done you gotta play a random mini game in order to fully capture the monster.  Which also involves the use of the PSP camera.  Well that's great for a child but it kinda felt like the many wild antics Ash Kecthum goes through in his Pokemon adventures just to get a Pokemon. The mini for this 1st monster was to help guide this guy across rocks as fast as possible.  To be honest this mini-game felt like something I played on Neopets long ago.  Hooray monster captured.  It doesn't exactly look cool, not all ugly either maybe it evolves or there's better monsters to catch.  

Well that somewhat annoying japanese guy is back.  Oh you work for Sony. I wonder if you really enjoy your job.  Your acting doesn't exactly sound enthusiastic.  Well it would to an impressionable child.  No wonder this is rated E.  Oh battle time.  Yay.  So once again using the wierd piece of cardboard that came with the game. Setup the battle field (Flat surface required).  The game itself is categorized between 4 attacks and a block button.  2 normal attacks that are fast and strong and 2 Special attacks that are also fast and strong.  Well apparently the key is keeping an eye on your stamina so you can attack more.  Obviously if you run out of stamina you can't attack as much and forced into defense (reminds me of Monster Rancher).  I ran out of stamina quick and the game said in that TV narrator type voice, "OUT OF STAMINA!"  Well that was fun somewhat what now.  Oh catch more possibly cooler looking monsters alright.  

Well now the game told me to find 2 other specific monsters.  this is where a problem arised for me.  The first monster came rather instantly my table fell over and I had to set that back up.  I noticed that the camera wants you to be at a certain angle to even see the monster.  It'll litterally tell you to back away or get closer to the flat surface.  Well considering this is the first PSP game where I had to actually sit upright as oppossed to laying down to play this game.  Also cause of the use of that piece of cardboard forget about playing this game in a bus or car. Ok this 2nd mini game was apparently to move my camera along with the monster to catch it well needless to say it was easy.  The last monster however was a complete pain.  Scanning for it was took forever.  I need a light blue surface.....even though my room is blue and has a lot of blue things apparently the game didn't accept it.  So I had to cheat a little.  Since they wanted Light Blue I opened up MSPaint and filled the screen with Light Blue.  Luckily my monitor is a flat screen so I could just lay it down.  But wow....that much effort to get a monster.  Really.

Needless to say that took up an hour.  The game itself is somewhat annoying and I can't help but think that this is just an anime based game.  I mean seriously.  You'd think you see this as an anime first off. From what I read there's online play.  I honestly enjoy the PSP Camera by itself.  For an attachment its quality isn't all too bad.  640 x 480.  Yeah today's standard that's subpar but I don't expect much from something rather old.  If your child is more an indoor type or they're stuck inside the house and you want them somewhat quiet.  You can use this game to keep em busy.  Its not too bad a game.  But there are other PSP games.