Sunday, February 12, 2012

Machine Guns and Robots Taking Over the US Apparently this Happened in 2005

While browsing the K-Mart that was closing down.  I found an old Arcade Hit that ported its way to the Wii. And it was only $7 bucks.  Also saw FF13-2 for like 30 but decided against it.

L.A. Machineguns & Gunblaze NY

Those that are too young to remember this was one of the Gun-Con Railshooter games that just utterly ate up everyone's quarters. Right along with Time Crisis and Virtua Cop during the good days of the arcade.  The memories of the machine gun shooting up robots to save NY or the UN.  Which apparently this took place in the year 2005.  LOL don't you love games that base on things in the future especially after that year has passed?

Anyway in the arcade this game usually took 1$ to play.  So yeah it ate your money quick.  This guncon game was unique.  You gun wasn't able to be waved around everywhere in fact it was more like an actual gun turret.  Even with rather realistic recoil. While the game appears easy it actually wasn't.  The amount of invincibility you had after taking a hit was very short even after continuing.  You shoot the robots that are launching missles at you and terrorizing the city (apparently Machine Gun > Missles). What's funny is these robot terrorist dodge like ninjas.  Yes actual dodging.  What made this game hard was you could get easily overwhelmed if you didn't take out your enemies quick enough.  Scoring on the game was also based on speed not just accuracy. 

Now as for the Wii port its not a bad port. Unforntunately though centering your gun is a pain since the game expects you to hold it like the days in the arcade.  In fact it took me a few minutes to figure that out.  I was using Nyko's Perfect Shot as my gun since I don't own the official Wii Zapper.  For once I actually reccommend using the Wii Zapper since that will give you the closest feeling to an actual machine gun like the arcade.  The graphics surprisingly seem more like the Sega Saturn than the arcade game it actually moves slower than how I remember the Arcade.  Replay value there is some like 2 player, unlock extra gun types like the rapid shot, and you have score attack.  

The bad thing about this game is that its quickly short lived.  You only have the 2 games and its very short.  The real downside to it was using my Nyko Perfect Shot for my Wii Mote my hand was in pain for quite awhile.  There's no reloading so you just hold the trigger down the entire game. Also due to my room setup and lacking a decent TV I found I had to position myself rather awkwardly to play the game.  Especially since I had to be directly in front of the Wii Sensor Bar unlike most of my other Wii Titles.  Other than that for $7 bucks its great to relive an old arcade hit from Sega.   Now uh....Sega....*taps there shoulder* where's a Virtua Cop Wii Port?  You do House of the Dead but no Virtua Cop? Come on that one would sell like crazy.