Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Generation - The Future of Gaming Looks Bleak

This doesn't particullary apply the just UMvC3. But games in general.  Up until a few years ago.  Even when online play was just starting out.  The you would hear would be the type of game, Voice-Acting, or trash talk.  Now what would seem like a miracle those very things dropped off the radar. They're still there but you don't hear it as much.  Now thanks to gaming companies "Listening to their customers".  Its more about a character, gimmick, move, etc. And its not in general its specific.  I don't know where it comes from cause there are 1000s of  possibilities to stem from.

I don't mean everyone when I say this so whether you take it personally or not is your problem not mine. This New Generation of Gamers from what I've examined. They have more freedom than ever.  But still wish for more.  You can't please everyone that saying is true.  However the power they have is astounding.  Not only having the internet available to them for ANY AND ALL information possible that you can't possibly say, "I know everything."  But with the companies trying more and more to appeal to there consumers. This New Generation has more of a voice than ever as to who, what, when, where, and how a game will turn out.  Even more so the old days if you felt someone was broken, glitched, cheap, whatever you wanna call it.  If you raise a moderate amount of attention. There's an 80% chance that problem will be changed. It may or may not be what you wanted but there will be a change. This takes the phrase, "the customer is always right" to a far grander scale than what it used to be.

Here's a few examples of that very thing happening.

  • The many vast changes Blazeblue has had in just 4 games barely 6 months to a year difference between  each release and patch fixes.
  • Check biffotasty's YT channel ( for the many changes MvC3, SF4, etc. has gone through.
  • The changes the ever popular "Call of Duty" games go through.
  • The Fixes that Starcraft 2 has recieved
  • Monster Hunter changes between each and every game.
But apparently as the saying goes "you can't please everyone". You always tend to find those that just want something to complain about.  A lot of them say they're not complaining but they are.  The problem isn't that they're complaining.  Its that they refuse to deal with it.  Instead of taking sometime to practice or use resources to figure out what to do.  Instead they complain about it in order to gain support and try to force a change.  This isn't neccessarily a bad thing in some cases but at the same time you're not doing anyone justice.  At some point in our life we're guilty of this fact in one way or another so no one, not even myself is excluded from this fact.  However this is a growing trend in gamers everywhere.  With the vast increase of newer titles, expansion packs, DLC (Downloadable Content), etc you really don't have time to sit down, learn the game, and enjoy it.  You generally have about 6 months to a year to do those thing before the next game, patch, etc is released and everyone moves on.  In reality that's not a lot of time if you account for sleeping, eating, school, work, or whatever you do since you can't play videogames 24/7 (you can try but I highly doubt you yourself can lead that kind of lifestyle without serious conserquences to things like your health, social life etc. If you have that kind of me your schedule, paycheck, and social life.) 

Well getting to point.  If you have time to complain you have time to take action.  I hate this current generation of gamers as they expect things to be handed to them on a silver platter.  In the gaming aspect they want an "I win" button. This isn't taking into account sore winners and sore losers who show no respect to others.  Instead they focus on complaining failing to realize that the info is right there in front of them. Whether you gamers that read this hate me for pointing this out or not. I don't really care.  You are not my problem. But instead of complaining to me about your problems find a way to deal with it. After all you have the resources just use them.