Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - The Kanto Journey

Well Finnally its time to start something fun.

Kanto!!! Yay.  Home sweet home. Well lets see if I can start from Pallet Town.....nope....Mt.Moon is blocked off. Road block at Fuschia City - Seafoam Islands. Can't really walk from pokemon league....mmmmm. Well can't go back to Johto easily.  Magnet Train is down....I guess till I actually fix the power plant (can't believe they gave that place more of a purpose.)  WTF happened to the pokemon turned it to a radio station....WTF!!! So you put Pal Park in place of the old Safari Zone.  Man Fuschia sucks now.  Celadon no longer sells Stones of epicness...but that doesn't stop me from getting 8 Eevees ready.  Man these places kinda got boring.....Well time to prep a team up.

Oh well.  Lets begin at Vermillion then.

Vermillion Gym

Just like I left it.  Last I remember this guy was a total pushover.  5 Pokemon eh.....more than just elec spam...this sounds like fun.  Bring it.  Double Team Spam strategy rears its ugly head.  4 Full mean I can stop playing around these gym battles.  Alright....well next gym....bringin the big guns.  This is actually fun for once.

Well short blog post....haven't had time for much things.....dealing with emotions and what not.