Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - Kanto Journey's Fight To The Last

Well I'm still feeling rather ugh....but whatever finish this story bit up.

With Cinnabar Island well under tons of Molten Lava apparently there's a gym at Seafoam....Honestly you can't miss it as they change the layout of the Seafoam Islands.  Well....lets first go after Articuno.


The RNG Gods are watching.....they see this and will do something about it soon.  Articuno can't really make a dent through Lanturn since its running Aqua Ring.  Oh well...caught

Cinnabar Gym Blaine

Well I don't remember how I built my old Arcanine but this ain't it.  Died too quick.  Of course the Water Types just rape him even if he's remotely prepared. Nice stall though with Confuse Ray...not gonna help. Well we forgot about Pewter City...oh yay simpler to get the fossils now.  Lets add Cranidos and Anorith to the roster.

Pewter Gym Brock

Rock Types just aren't that threatening anymore.  Oh wow an Omastar about the only real threat.  You actually manage to make a dent in my wall. But its a Wall.  Wall being Rhyperior its gonna take more than 1 hit to remove a wall regardless.  Well that's done...hey heard my rival was around here.....Mt. Moon you Say

Final Rival Battle

This is stupid I wish I knew earlier so I could be at his know gonna sweep you.....oh Gengar stops the complete sweep. So you delayed me slightly....not really and you killed yourself.

Viridian Gym!!!!

Oh its Gary....(NOT BLUE).  Still gonna be a dousche.....Let's Go Right now.  Better put up a fight.....Oh gonna run the same team as Giovanni.  Really...shoulda kept your old team.  That was a threat.  You know what time to sweep....oh wow competant enough to stop 2 sweep attempts.  Yay.  Still not good enough though.....You say your friend/cousin/ Red (Ash) is much better....I can't wait to meet him.   But first to tie up some loose ends.


Hi Zapdos bye Zapdos.....RNG Gods saw this.  They will do something.


Well that's a cool sprite......lets battle....oh wait why am I fighting you......I took a master ball from my Platinum.


Literally 40 different Balls Later.  2 got in the ball.  Told you the RNG Gods will do something. with all that out the way.  (Cant do Groudon till after RED)  We go scale the mountain to fight the apparent ultimate trainer.  Cythi..........its not Cynthia?.....WHAT NO CYNTHIA?!!!! WTF!!! THEN WHO IS IT?!!!   Who's Red?  Where's Cynthia?!  Trying to think of a song to go with this fight cause Red doesn't really deserve the Lance theme.

FYI: I caught Latios while doing all this.  Traveling around at LVL 35.  Just went ahead and caught it. Hey Steven sup.