Friday, February 3, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - More Of Kanto Journey's

Well....Hard to Talk about this one.  I brought out the big guns like I said.  But these gym leaders didn't really bring it. Where to start....

Well I made it so my pokemon are set the way I want them.  (EV Trained Blah Blah).  I really don't feel like talking....too much goin on in my mind.

Saffron Gym Sabrina

Well Saffron City closed down the fighting gym....apparently the dude is deep in a cave I really don't wanna explore.  Well unlike the old days of R/B/Y FR/LG I could easily slip past those trainers.  Oh well they're weak.  Sabrina herself...Uh....Yeah.....mmmm....She went down.

Celadon Gym Erika

I hate the layout they put here.  Even have me relearn cut.  I never did like Erika....especially after the anime.  Oh well burn and stings ahoy for her.

Fuschia City Gym

You make a bad replacement for Koga....and your gym puzzle is way simpler than his.  Any idiot that played the old version could tell that you'll be in the center.

Cerulean City Misty

Wow she looks a lot better.  Better than just a swimsuit.  She's mad cause I ruined her date?  Whatever....she can just die. Funny her gym design is much easier to deal with than before. Herself still a pushover with god-speed Elec types.


Finnally....Geez.  Took long enough.  I managed to weaken it just didn't like any ball I know what I'm tired....screw this....Master Ball....I can nab a 2nd one. That takes care of the Dogs.....Birds coming soon...but on to the next gym.  Wait where's Cinnabar Island? GARY!!!! DUN DUN DUUUNN!!!

Again sorry I don't feel chatty this round......