Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - The Show Must Go On....Wait Actually Its Ending

And so.....we end things with the Elite 4 Redux.  The E4 have became a bit more powerful (when I say a bit I mean barely a level jump).  Pulled pokemon from other regions....but does that make them better....not really...To prep for the end I built my guys up to LVL 75+.   That's what other games are for train. Anyway lets move on.

Will 2

Ok...thought they would at least be 70s.  Seriously....that's not a big jump. Not to mention the choices of pokemon weren't really that great IMO.  This guy could use an Alakazam.  Among others.

Koga 2

Koga is still Koga....nothing different.  For the most part....where's Toxic....heck something would do better than what he's using...I mean...confusion....meh.

Bruno 2

Still a dissapoint....but I've never seen a Rhyperior outspeed a Lucario....ever....

Karen 2

Nothing special...Dark Types and what not....but I did forgot about Spiritomb.  LOL wasn't paying attention.

Champion Lance 2

Well no 3 haxing Dragonite.  That Salamence should be faster or have more HP something.  Garchomp was a decent threat.  The rest didn't last long.....well Charizard being Charizard. Dragonite went down in 1

"But there's another battle you have to do and the Battle Frontier"  To be honest I don't care for those things. The Battle Frontier is following set rules most of which doesn't work Battle Revolution.  The other battle is a rather Co-Op with your Rival who still sucks against Lance and Claire this battle only happens on certain days and isn't worth it.  Oh re-fight the gym leaders.  Well if the E4 didn't put up much of a fight I shouldn't even bother with the gym leaders.  Worse I have to wait for a phone call in order to battle them again.  All in All not worth my time.  Not doing it.  "But you did the Elite 4 Again." That's cause its easy to access."  I rather not wait around forever and a day to refight trainers that are gonna be a pain in the butt.

Well that ends this game.  I had my fun...time to move on to the next game.  Can't exactly think of something to say about this game...its Pokemon.  I had ideas for art on this game but just no will to draw it out....well I'll figure out what to play next.  I honestly wonder if there's more ppl than I think actually reading this blog.  I don't really get comments on the blog.  Oh well only a month has gone by so far since I started this I'll see how this method turns out.