Monday, February 6, 2012

Pokemon Soul Silver - WHERE'S CYNTHIA?!

Ok winding down to the end of this game.  There isn't much else to do so lets wrap this up.


WTF....I have to teach a pokemon Rock Climb.....(Surf and Waterfall).....I mean I understand a little bit.  But...the purpose of coming here I don't really want HM moves on my team.  Or an HM Slave.


Like I said the RNG gods will do something and they did.  40 Balls later it finnally got caught.  If you don't know what RNG is.....I feel sorry for you.  Anyway.  This dude is caught.  We can move on to the supposed "Real Deal" now.

Pokemon Trainer Red (Ash) 

The apparent badass that (time to list):

  • Destroyed Team Rocket Single Handily
  • Defeated the Elite 4
  • Defeated his Rival Blue (Gary)
  • Is noted as an actual Pokemon Master
Wait....WTF....This is what I did back in Red and Leaf Green....he stole my achievements.  Ok lets get off that subject.  So this is the guy that most pokemon players somehow fear or give him divine respect.  Cause he's supposed to be tough.  Well...uh...he's not Cynthia or Steven.  Heck the game didn't bother to give him his own theme.  Just the Champion theme (which is used when battling Lance).  So what's so great about him?  To sum it up not much.  Mainly his 3 Kanto starters are generally the threats.  If I wanted to I could've brought together a team to take advantage of the auto-Hailstorm. Which also makes no sense.  You'd think the weather would be normal.  Anyway lets breakdown his pokemon 1 by 1.

  • Pikachu:  A Pikascrew.....really....Really?.....Yeah I know Ash's signature pokemon.  But uh.....its Pikascrew.  It learns pretty much every elec type attack in the game, has a great amount of speed and sp. atk.  but Its no real threat.  Hell its signature Volt Tackle really is detrimental to it being any good.  Apparently Ash didn't learn about Earthquake and how OP it is.
  • Lapras: Well here's a general threat but our infamous trainer built it differently.  While it has HP.  Its Special Attack stat doesn't seem to be that high at all.  Blizzard spammer too.  Meh....
  • Snorlax: So apparently this is his wall. And another Blizzard spammer.  You'd expect Rest and it may have it but....I saw Blizzard more.  Anyway its just a wall and not a Rhyperior wall.
  • Blastiose: Now the threats start.  Its either Hydro Pump or Blizzard.  I think it has Hydro Cannon but I only saw those 2 attacks.  What's really threatening is that this guy outsped my Ampharos 155 speed.  Not a normal feat for a Blastoise as I usually see a tank type build.
  • Venusaur: My favorite Grass starter..heck my favorite grass anything.  And Ash chose to go with a special attack build.  Luckily it doesn't have any attacks that well truly kill in 1 hit.  Still a threat through.
  • Charizard: Well this guy didn't do anything.  But its pretty much like any other Charizard.  I can't really make a note on this guy.

Overall....this guy is a disappointment from all the Hype I heard about this guy.  I rather fight Cynthia again she has her own theme.  Her pokemon skills are OP.  Not to mention dealing with her pokemon is an actual task. Not to mention I had to learn an HM move just to get to RED.  To be honest like I said before his only threats are his 3 starters.  The others are stallers.  Moving on....

Cerulean Cave

Almost like I remember it from the old days.  Huge Maze. But they changed the layout from what I remember.  And far less explosions/selfdestructs.  Anyway only here for....Mewtwo


This is rather stupid....his moveset is F-d up.  Psycho Cut, Guard Swap, Power Swap, this even worth it?....Moving on...


Well considering my levels....This was easy....Heavy Ball *click*


LVL 50 as well....*click* Caught.....done. What's next.

Well if I feel like it.....guess there's elite 4 Redux.  I don't wanna wait for gym trainers and certain dates to fight refight them.  So I guess E4 Redux....