Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soul Calibur General Tips (Applies to All Soul Calibur games)

Lately I've been seeing a lot of players (not all of them), how to put this not suck but really treat this game like its Marvel, or a random 2D Fighter.  While that's great and if its getting you wins, more power to you. But there's far more to it than that.  I'm gonna go over some general tips that'll hopefully help you improve your game. This is based off a normal controller not an arcade stick. So stick users sorry. -_-

Know that this is A 3D Fighter and not a 2D Fighter

This is a major habit I see from a lot of players.  They forget that you can move in 3D. Taking advantage of 8-Way Run is a major key in this game.  Many people dismiss this as useless but its actually a great option for approaching, keep away, and zoning.  An easy way to move is to use the stick instead of your D-Pad.  For an advance tactic learn to shift between the stick and the D-Pad. Using the D-Pad for inputs on special moves and the Stick to quickly move around.  Keeping in mind that you can help you especially in the dodging department I found a lot of players will be somewhat dumbfounded wondering what are you going to do next.  It even works to give you time to think about what to try.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Know Your Stage

Learning each and every stage can help you. How you ask?  By knowing your stage you know how big the stage really is.  Where the walls are (SC3 and up).  And if there's a gimmick of some sort (SC4 and up).  This can also help you if your strategy is ring out or deny you opponent.  Knowing your stage also involves knowing your current position on the stage as well as your opponents and where you plan for yourself as well as your opponent to be in the next few seconds.  This doesn't mean edge hog the stage and expect them to be stupid.  That barely ever works especially on human opponents.  Knowing your stage lets you know exactly how much space you have to move around.

Learn Your Range

A serious key.  Is learning your character's range.  Learning this and how far or short you can go is key.  This applies to learning your opponents range as well.  Lets take someone with a lot of Range like Nightmare vs someone with short range like Maxi.  Nightmare has incredible range both horizontally and vertically so dodging, blocking, or countering up close can be rather tough for Maxi. Problem is with Nightmare is that his attacks are slow. So Nightmare's Horizontal Slashes (lets just say H, H basic combo) is coming.  Well its long but going back to 8-Way Run you can just dodge left or right quickly get in and punish Nightmare. Another example say your opponent is gonna try to hit and run and they're playing someone fast like Xianghua.  And you're Ivy.  Ivy has more than short and mid range, she also possesses a few actual long range attacks.  Using her (Down H+V I think that's the input) Ivy can stab her sword in the ground and the attack from quite farther than most people think.  In a lot of cases they'll rethink there methods and be forced to approach you. Last example lets put Cervantes against Siegfried.  Now Siegfried like Nightmare has great range horizontally and vertically in fact he can chain those together rather well.  So an 8-Way run approach is out, your health is lower so they're not gonna get desperate. What can you do?  Cervantes doesn't exactly have many normals to easily get in.  Lets check his specials.  He can teleport and strike (back A+B) quickly getting in he also has a gunshot that does little damage but is an unblockable and very fast (SC4 don't know the move).  That can stop Siegfried. Knowing your range as well as your opponents will help you vastly in gameplay.

Recovery Options LEARN THEM!!

This generally applies to every game but in this game there's more than just either roll forward, backward, or in place.  Going back to the 3D plane you can also roll to the side.  You think it stops there? Nope not at all.  In fact there are attacks you can use upon recovery.  What they are is dependant on your character. Kilik actually has a few of note.  The main 2 both cause knockdown and are very annoying to pick up on. Well that's just one side of recovering the main note is to not be predicted.  Like in any fighter especially Blazblue if your predicted on recovery most likely that spells death.  While you can't read your opponents mind  you can attempt to 2nd Guess him/her or just make sure that you're not doing the same type or recovery every time. Always find someway to recover as well. Laying on the ground is not going to save you since you can be hit while on the ground.  The last aspect or recovery is aerial.  While you can't completely recover in the air, you can control where your character falls like in Smash Bros. This can prevent ring outs, most extended combos.

Blocking/Weapon Grab/Weapon Repel

Learning to do these can vastly help improve your game.  While you could get away with normal blocking.  If your opponent is aggressive most likely your guard will be broken.  Weapon Grab/Repel helps in this matter. While the time is a pain to pull off the benefits of your opponent being open for a few seconds is worth it. Weapon Grab your opponent will be open for pretty much anything I pretty much go for a side or back throw since they're back is turned after a Weapon Grab.  A Weapon repel while you don't have as much time to counter as opposed to a grab you can use this to either keep your opponent from pushing you to the edge and even block some unblockable attacks.  Keeping this in mind you can stop aggressive players and those that use unblockable attacks.

Hopefully these small tips can help improve your play a bit.  I doubt I'll see a change in online matches right away. But I felt I should type this since I'd like to see more SC players.